Complacency makes you pay very heavily



Man, you are quite aware that you aren’t an isolate,

You’re engulfed by high, middle and lowly rated fellows;

But the status you enjoy fix you up on a different plane,

And you know, each stage has a different niggle!


The higher you ascend, the more nervous you feel to retain your status,

A ‘Nervy Zone’ it is, that makes you guess that you’d fall;

Your uncertainties make you tense and shaky,

As the fall from the summit is eminent, if you don’t graft!


Mediocrity puts you in a so called ‘Complacent Zone’,

‘Coz, you’re accompanied by million other mediocres;

As you are somewhat certain of what you are,

The chance of tumbling down is never thought of.


Lying low at the lowest rung makes you envy the ones on top;

There is no way to look and find anyone down under;

The groundlings around you make you complacent,

And you never try and think of climbing the top!


Where would you like to be? Oh, Man!

‘The Top?’, ‘The Middle?’ Or ‘The Rock Bottom?’

If you would achieve your place somewhere, someday,

See that you squeeze yourself out to consolidate your place!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Complacency makes you pay very heavily unless you are ready to graft without wresting on what you have achieved.


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