Dr Clockstop's Sinister Sideshow

Off with your tweed and on with my silk,

The colourful carriage rears over the hill,

The Sinister Sideshow has come back to town,

Do you hear that unmistakable sound?

The clunking and banging of Clockstop's things,

Books and such, yes, and an army of strings. 

Strings, you say? Yes! His puppet display!

 Never been seen, always hidden away,

We know that they're locked in carriage number three,

If he sees you, I'll say it was nothing to do with me!

But enough of that now, On With The Show!

Starting off with a bow so unnaturally low, 

The leader's a dwarf, so we all know his face,

Then his ladies are adorned with silk, string and lace,

Blues, greens and reds dazzle drinkers and wives,

Diamonds glimmer lights into transfixed eyes,

There are songs of old friendships and songs of old lovers,

But the men see not stories, just girls in bright colours. 

'That's rather sinister...' Hmm? Yes, it is...

But old Clockstop knows where all these men live.

That is the trick of Doctor Clockstop's routine, 

You can leave if you manage to keep your hands clean!

Those who don't often boo at the Final Act,

As the puppet show dancers are emotionless and flat. 

But do not be fooled, for the puppets aren't wood.

I might have suggested you run, if I could...

Doctor Clockstop will follow with puppets in hand,

You can plead, but don't expect him to understand:

Men who grope women and make crude remarks,

Can expect to be treated with the same disregard.

"You were leering, and that reflects little respect..."

Now you're dead, with a puppet string tied round your neck.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

© Lizzie Ayres, 2013

Confessions Of An Insomniac

All About Me

Most people say they'd prefer to die in their sleep,
To pass away gently into the night in peace.
Not me.
I want to die with my eyes wide open,
To stare death in the face brazenly.
Stay awake.
Can't sleep, clowns will eat my eyes,
I'll never see again, blind forever in their torment.
Not me.
There is too much to do, and so little time,
Living life in the moment is all I want to do.
Stay awake.
Some people hold their feelings inside,
Too scared to find out what others might think.
Not me.
I want the world to know that I've survived it,
Ready to face what tomorrow might bring.
Stay awake.
I'm still awake.
Watch me fly...


Brandy Noelle Pruitt
January 12, 2010

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because of my OCD, ADD, and GAD I often suffer with bouts of insomnia, so when I do...I try to do something productive, like write.

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I'm Afraid Of Clowns

My thoughts

I'm afraid of clowns,
super afraid of clowns!

I really don't like them,
and am seriously afraid of them!

I've learned that this
fear of clowns,
is called Coulrophobia.

They put it under "irrational
fear of clowns", but
they don't truely know
that it is irrational!

Some people dressed as clowns
abduct kids, even though
they are supposed to
be "entertaining" the kids!

it doesn't look like
it has anything to do
with clowns,
if you look at the name.

I'm afraid of clowns,
have been since I
was a little girl,
and I don't think
this fear is going away,
anytime soon!

No, I believe,
that this fear
will be with me,
forever more!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a poem about my fear of clowns! Please let me know what you think!

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