Ignorance in the Sky

Oh, dear,

Firefly, firefly,

Against the midnight sky

Please tell me how, and tell me why

Does the sweet, sad wind so mournfully sigh?

Please tell me how, and tell me why

The clouds just hang and cry?

Quick, firefly fly...


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Condensation Shades Radiation

Smothered by this weightless white sheet,
I become sightless, unable to see.
With no benevolent light,
how could one have any sight?
Need of the star kills,
but she perpetually fills
our bleeding desire full
of her warmth and the pull
that bring us to life every day.
I crave her, but there’s no way
to satisfy my wishful want
of killing this dreadful taunt
of her face: bright, lively,
the only way to revive me.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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