Dragging me 
Away from the light. 
My head around in circles.
Losing bubbles
Sinking oxygen pockets
and slicing through my O2
The wash cycle was cut short
Due to leakage
In the rustic pipes
Dilated pupils can't 
Seem to focus on 
what's    IN    f o c u s 
The lens is cracked 
All but one second to spare
The last cough of the lung 
Filtered water is less natural
Boiling water bursts over the pot
then salt mixes 
 the whole floats
away with the current 
Grainy bottom with slippery kelp 
Await at the end of this endeavor 
But until that end the 
Subconscious stream will go
Alongside a noisy cold stream 
Maybe intertwining every so often
Finding a natural peace 
Frantic turns to tranquil 
In near minutes 
Then a white noise 
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