# Childhood #healing from the past

Art Reflecting Life

A kaleidoscope of disturbing

And enigmatic images

Flash now before my mind’s eye


A cerebral menagerie

Painted from long forgotten memories

That were tucked secretly away

In the back corner of my mental studio


They are now being displayed

In my mind's personal gallery.


Shocking reminders of youth;

On blood red canvases

Depicting moments of cruelty and neglect


Abstract images of confusion and loneliness

And various black and white portraits

Of heartache and pain

Now arranged in a horrific collage

Of misery before me


An unscheduled showing

To remind me of what I fought so hard to forget

And put behind me.


But as I reflect

And now admire the perplexing

And unsettling collection laid out before me,

I realize how I have successfully erased my past


I have painted a new life, a masterpiece!

Full of beautiful lines and brilliant colors

And I now find comfort

As I now let my wonderful life

Reflect the art my heart now produces.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The picture of ones past should not reflect the portrait of ones future.

when I was a child


Let’s be honest I’m pretty fuckin emotionally messed up.


When I was a child if I cried I was threatened to be spanked now I only cry when I’m alone


When I was a child so many people called me names now I’m so used to being called names


When I was a child I had a total of 3 dads leave me now I’ll call anyone a dad


When I was a child I was always ignored now I don’t even bother saying what I want to say


When I was a child I felt like nothing now I have a low self a steam


When I was a child I was used for my sweetness now I purposely am rude


When I was a child I used to trust everyone now it’s hard to even trust my own mind or the floor


I’ve never been a priorty to you so why would you be mine? You left my cause your girlfriend said I was a brat. Will I ever be someone’s priority.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its deep comment on thoughts