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Life that I am Worthy Of.

Throw down the gauntlet, sheathe the sword

no longer will I fight,

played out this breaking untold times

i'm moving on with life.


Close the door, turn off the phone

refuse to be pulled in,

said all that I needed to say

I don't care if you win.


Burn the photo's, toss the gifts

won't need them to remind,

i'll never walk this path again

I know whats there to find.


Throw down the hate, raise the light

to shine on what's to be,

a life that I am worthy of

with no master but me.




A thought I think I'd more endure

Every fucked up memory you locked away attacks,

problems always poke their holes when gathered into stacks.

Sufferings a choice although it didn't feel that way and pain taught lessons meager words could never find the means to say. 

When you cry in all your daydreams you'll find yourself in tears, 

know to find the light of hope when darkness feeds your deepest fears.

Dark before the storm we say and make it then our fate, thoughts become reality be sure to make them great.

Beg to god and pray then hope that light will fill our day?

A thought I think I'd more endure is I choose my reality, celestial powers in your mind and I'm immune to gravity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 
A poem from the heart about not dewlling on negative thoughts and dealing with your emotions! Feedback always appreciated