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Maid Poem Requiem

Swiftly so much to sweep
Helsing so deep
Her words were off balance
Poem stanza Mama Mia all formed
Like a ballerina 575 Japanese Haiku

garden jailed away I begged and

pleaded what corruption 

Prince Zar became 666 Stalin
Make your poems roll in
The Trump Tower polls in
Holy Gods Italian Collisuem 
Every hour Poem maid


The maid she had ownership

Big shebang trip every sip

 pronounced  she danced
Flirty what transcends
Your life depends?
"Delicious" Monsterous"
Only words "Devious" 
maid Beauty and the beast
to digest

Destiny afterthoughts so many

Like a plethora Dora explorer

The ecstasy birds flocked
Oh! My She-locked
No heart or morals all locked
Being conned into the heist
Higher walk with the rest

Poem Requiem palace
Hannibal Rising test
Watching her movements in
her lipping

She was home "Cruella" sweeping
Willow tree weeping new maid Priscilla
 The Reign suffering minds of madness

Being ruled sweeping tears to clean up

Such wicked dirt Damon the dirty work

Feeling moved around "UHual"

Choked upon on my I-pad appalled 

The masquerading social media mind

of Jekyll and Hyde poems

Her getaway poems not to be fooled
Terraced thousands of poems died

All betrayed upon with more deep lies
Important words to keep them alive

Saturday night poems
Stakeout Apps Presidency 
Like a heart snack breakout
This was far from democracy
The "Quickie Requiem" for a
poem tricked over taken away

My best dream

Gripping love slightly in between
Doctor words to heal the King
his beeper the right timing
Save the poem not the Queen

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a mystical dreamy read but death is upon us we need to move on. All pain and heartache the next morning feeling not to wake but there is another side to prevail no mistakes

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Band Lyrics


Verse 1: 

Now and then, I think about you

In my dreams is all it’ll ever be.

Distant yet so far apart,

Our true emotions collide.



Since the day we met,

I felt like I’ve known you all my life.

For, I truly love you, all of you.

Tell me, do you feel the same.


Verse 2:

If and when you do come to me,

Will you give us a chance?

‘Cause babe, we belong together.

Didn’t know you were meant for me

Until the day we first met.



Our talks resonate in the dark

Out of all the time we spent together,

I never once forgot your love for me

‘Cause babe, we belong together.



Now that you’re worlds apart,

Our separation is suffocating my breath.

Our love is the only thing that remains.

Do you love me too?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2014

The end of our world

If I could I would lock the front door
Keep us contained in the house
Just in case, set bear traps on the floor
Play the stereo loud and ignore their shouts

If I could I would board the Windows
I would block the skylight
Days and nights would only be what the calender shows
Weeks roll by and past, out of sight

I would turn off the tv, the phones
I would hide us from their opinions
I would I would cover their words with your groans
I would make us our only companions

We hide in the house as the world changes
The rivers are running upstream
The trees cross and form cages
Around the world burst at the seam

The world outside shutters and cracks
The fires outside consume this world
Just you and me forever, a pact
Let destruction like a storm cloud over the city unfurled

You cried in my arms, missing your mother
I told you I would be everything
There would be no other
Only we know the words, so sing

You cry and scramble
Trying to get to the world we lost
I say there is nothing left but shambles
I saved you, for that there is cost

You push as pull trying to get out
My nails dig in trying to make you stay
You grab my throat with a shout
"Out there there is day"

I can't let you go there
I can't loose you
I grab a fist full of your hair
I barely notice the glass table I push you through

I land on top of you, crying, pleading
You can't leave me alone
Safe is better then freeing
Your better here on these floors of stone

Your heat leaks onto to floor
It covers my hands, face, and chest
The glass shards cling to my hands and bore
Why didn't you understand that here is best

My head spins asking if you were right
I tried everything to keep you safe
I must have hurt, why else would you fight
My protective hold must chafe

I run to to window
I tear down the boards
This moment, my crescendo
Sorrowful hands pluck these cords

I see what the world we left is
Around me the dark we stayed
My care for you was turned to sin
I fall to my knees at the windows display

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