Being a Liar



I feel sorry for you 

Have you thought this through 

Once bitten twice shy 

Are you tempted hoping to die 

You have a soft heart l, but a solid lie 

Your mind is being used 

Are you really that confused ?


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A question of liberty

I wish my tongue would give me honesty

But my mind changes like the weather 

I hoped and prayed for us to be together. 

But our faiths differ my love

I am a dragon and you are dove 

My fury would devour our love 

My perfidiousness is vividly seen  

Your soul travels on tranquility of being clean 

My soul is not serene

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The Best Friend You'll Never Meet

All I want is to be someone


never wants to be somebody else

I cut ribbons but I never tie the knot

Another day where I wake up way

Too late and celebrate my flaws underneath

this cherry tree

Where the sun can't see me

Im too timid and honestly

I don't have the moves that make you want to scream

I hate these words on the tip of my tongue

Becuase I know they just aren't me

What I am doing to myself

to be in the records of history

Don't expect me to ever change I'm just a collection of misery

Pathetic in my every move I make

Im too alone and I want to escape

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