same days to those who need it - old man

it's was sunny outside

everything was fine

for me it was another normal day

walking into next interval of time


For me past and present is different 

but for somebody it was same

with a hope of same till the end 


he was old 

maybe in his 50s

shivering like he saw death

since he was 20 

for him each day 

no, for him each and every minute 

is a time of just passing

passing his days


we head back to home

waiting for somone to reach

looked like he had no one

nothing to move on in his life

he said "i didn't eat anything

             since two days now

             can you give me something"

couldn't give him anything to eat 

just gave him 20 rupees


thought of him keep entering into my mind

asking, does he deserve something?

my life as compare to him

i have something, will keep moving 

but for him "  life is a waste 

                     living alone without any name  

                    and counting the stars with empty ache "


told" i gave just 20 rupees"

got replied " stupid, you needed to give only 2 rupees"

well the world got changed a bit

kindness has lost a bit 

but this bit makes a lot difference

in this world of loneliness


 what you think you can give to him?

forget atleast one time your taste of your tongue 

and think about a person who standing beside you

no one stands with him

with those eyes he was trying

to make you see this lonely world



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inside land of someone -poor

it is a past of mine

but still working 

saw leaving the mercy behind 

but stll moving


walked into the inside land of someone

maybe a shelter or a home for someone

saw the different mask there 

with the rejection of unwanted noise there


walked to go to the other side 

and found the same as there

mask with unwanted noise there

old, lame people are there

watching every face

looking at  everyone's eye 

looking for just 2 rupees 

said " please help me 

         to live this life"


kids keep walking in their land

tried to help as much as they care

they asked their  parents

for a little help

and there somewhere in the heart

they said "mercy is still there" 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem about those people who sit in subway and try to get some money, cause they are old or lame or uneducated they are unable to get some work , they just need our help. Here mask refers to those people who just walk away and don't even bother to hear what the old person trying to say. 

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