Vemana : Blood Sacrifice to the Gods

The sacrifice to the gods

atop the pyramid of the sun,


Carving out the victims heart

and eating it for Huitzilopochitili


We must be appease his wrath

in order for this drought to end 


Our people grow ever more hungry

by the day for their precious maize


We will not stop until our bellies are full,

many will continue die as tribute to his most high


Until Huitzilopochitili is fed

we continur to remain hungry



Author's Notes/Comments: (Sacrifice scene from Apocalypto: a brilliant Mel Gibson film)

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Rise Mexica Movement Rise

****Dedicated to the Women and Men Warriors of the Mexica Movement for all they do for our People****


Rise Mexica Movement;
In the face of racism and injustice of our Brown people Rise,
When no one else will demonstrate, boycott or march
Rise Mexica Movement Rise....


When everyone else is so busy with their little life details
Rise Mexica Movement Rise,
Not in Perfection but draped in determination and willingness
to rise to the occasion, Rise Mexica Movement Rise....


With Education, facts, and sound reason
Rise Mexica Movement Rise,
When everyone else runs and scatters
Rise Mexica Movement Warriors Rise....


I thank you with every tear that falls from these half breed eyes
We thank you with every ounce of precious blood that was spilt
from our Ancestors
Rise Mexica Movement Rise....


A great man (Malcolm X) once said....
"If you are not part of the Solution then you are part of the problem!"
Rise Mexica Movement Rise
continue being a solution to our peoples problems....

Rise Mexican Movement Warrior RISE....


May 9, 2013
Copyrights Chicahuac Necahuatl © 2013-2016

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just a small appreciation for the Men and Women Warriors of the Mexica Movement. Mexica Tiahua!

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