Simple Thoughts

"A visit at my table, 

a very welcome visitor,

has a cup of coffee

set down,


but not before

the friend has seated herself

does the surface 

of the brew spill over,


splashing quietly 

as as she bumps the table with her knee.

Such a detail,

the dark, dark liquid


spread across the light brown

wood of where I write,

threatening to soil

the art being drawn.


The spillings

of the latest happenings,

the earnest devouring

of each others stories


lead to reading,

of depicting the next best thing

in lives still be finished,

download in progress.


A spiral

from one image to the next

from the warm-lit coffee shop

to digital acquisition.


Like this poem,

the conversation goes,

topics spiraling.

Not out of control,


but wildly different

in varient,

from the new job

made of dreams


to the steaming progress

of artwork creativity.


the visitor stirring


with silent smiles

and sparkling eyes,

asking how and why

my poetry winds


into art so quickly,

but my answer is clumsy,

the failing of conveying

a real reason


for words written.

Awkward in handling it,

and unable still

to write out the soul


in one sentence,



book, even. 


So let's write three,

I tell her,

and glee is sounded,

rounding back to her departure,


bumping coffee again.

But it's wiped away,

no evidence

of the one who sat across.


Nothing lost.

Meaning, rather.

No theme,

but a underlying feeling." 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When someone gets more excited about you're work than you do, you should:

- keep writing

- get more excited about your own writing

- question why you're not already.


Don't be scared to be hyped about your own art!

Random Drabble 10

You say you are proud and defiant

But doesn't that make you a tyrant?

Don't fight it

You don't even have to deny it

Ignite it!

You go around making peace

But really, who is the peace for?

I bet you were the type to call your momma a whore

Hey now, I'm just playin'

I was just sayin

Don't wanna be a bore

I’m sorry but my vocabulary is kinda short

So here I thought I'd make this fun game between us

Our words so far between us

Where do we start?

Didn't think talking to you was gonna be this hard

But don’t worry, it’s far over between us

I hope anyways, this poem probably went too far anyways

Do you want there to be a friendship?

Don’t wanna deter you but I just had to make this interstin’


I apologize for any dissin’

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Me trying to make friends but I don't think its working O^O


I suck