Ant [Nursery Rhyme]

Ant is ever so serious,

And so industrious,

It is never lazy,

Like me.


Ant is a fighter,

It does not fear,

To bite,

For what it thinks is right!


I love the way ant walks on the ground,

I love the way ant moves without making sound!

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Little Ants

From dawn to dusk the little ants are on the move,

Giving us the impression that work is the only phenomenon they love.


So disciplined they are,

And their industry is rare in the world of nature,

Tiredness never dares to challenge them,

Since the little giants exactly know what most fortifies their realm.


Mother Nature at times turns unkind,

Destroying the home so adored,

Yet their inner zeal is sped up by hopefulness,

Thus defeat the Algea and wash the pain away with the aid of Achelois.     


Their strength is no less than what Hercules had,

Keep working on being glad,

Unity is their glory,

Binding them all together until ultimate fatality.


God has presented so many such instances around us,

Alas! Way blind we are, even with healthy eyes,

As we can normally see but hardly observe and learn,

Even from the tiny ants the certain lesson that has the power to change, to earn.


Excluding their skill in biting the ants deserve appreciation beyond doubt,

 From these little wonders let those learn who simply shout!  

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Forgiveness Amongst Friends (Ant ~ Spider ~ Bee)

The Spring sun shines above
but, beneath the willow tree,
sits a spider and an ant
waiting for their friend, the bee.

They always meet up
every sun shiny day,
under the willow tree
so all three can play.

The spider and ant were talking
when finally, bee decided to show,
they looked at her, tapping their watches
"You're four hours late, you know."

"I had to do my hair," she explained
"my make-up, was hard to do,
then I had to find a dress
and my matching polkadot shoes."

"You're not going to a party," said ant
"we're just here to play,
you will get all dirty
and what if it rains today?"

"We'll let it go for now," said spider
let's go play in the sun,
we'll play hide and go seek
it will be so much fun."

Bee was so upset
she wanted to go home,
quickly, she turned to run away
and ran into the garden gnome.

Ant snickered and laughed at bee
he was rolling on the ground,
"That is quite enough," said spider
"bee, I still want you around."

"I'll just go home," said bee
"I am such a mess,"
she wiped dirt off of herself
and exclaimed "look at my beautiful dress!"

"I knew this would happen," said ant
"but, you didn't listen to me,
we're only here to play, I said
not going to a party."

"Ant, leave her alone
she's been through enough,
I'm tired of you being a bully," yelled spider
"and sick of you being rough."

Ant walked over to bee
knew he had to apologise,
gave her a great big hug
and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"I'm sorry for everything
please say you forgive me,"
ant was so ashamed of himself
he turned and sat 'neath the willow tree.

Bee walked over to him
and sat down by his side,
"of course, I forgive you
my feelings, I can't hide."

Ant looked at bee
tears rolled down his cheeks,
she could tell he was hurting
and feeling very weak.

Spider gave them both a hug
"This is what friendship is made of,
forgiveness goes a long way," said spider
"and filled with lots of love."

All was well between them
the spider, ant and bee,
they finally decided to play,
their hearts fillled with love and glee.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had the title and the challenge words, but took me a while to write the poem.

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