Life is made up of wonderful moments….

Little moments that come our way…

that combine with other wonderful moments

to become a wonderful day!


Take yesterday for instance…the moment my feet hit the ground

everywhere I looked…wonderful moments….all around…


Deborah and I took a walk with a friend…early morning before the crowds.

We watched the sun rise over the water…painting colors on the clouds.


When we reached the pier…out in the water….under an ever-changing sky

A dolphin mommy and her baby…happily swimming by.


Deborah made a batch of shortbread for Rick, our nephew,

(as a baker she’s well versed)

Still…no shortbread ever leaves our house

until I taste it first!


We rode in our golf cart to a restaurant

where we met Rick and of a wonderful lunch we partook…

We talked for hours and Rick gave us ‘A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo’

 a wonderful Children’s book.


These wonderful moments were but a few

of the ones that came our way.

Wonderful moments that combined together

to make yesterday a wonderful day…


If today we string more wonderful moments together…

I think it becomes quite clear

how one great day will turn into another…

and we’ll end up with a wonderful year…


And if we’re truly lucky, 

our wonderful moments will outweigh any sorrowful moments of strife

and one great year will turn into another


and we’ll end up with a wonderful life.

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