where is everyone?

where is everyone, where did they go

why am I all alone

I don’t like it here, why did they leave

me all alone in

this place, did I do something wrong?

I’m scared I learned, can someone

take me home

I like it there take me home and

I have a family

that is waiting for me, I’m sure

they are nice

they are my family, my mom

gifts me kiss

before I go to bed and my

mom say

that she loves me, my dad

he say that

I am  he’s little baby girl

and he loves

me to and he will take me

home I’m sure of it

where are you mommy and daddy

I’m scared can you

take me home now what every I

did wrong I learned

my lesson

so can you take me home someone

anyone take me home?


please take me home.

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Never more

The tear stains on the satin hem of her dress are from the pain she feels in her heart. The blood is flowing away. Love for her? Never more...

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outer space

   When you feel so alone, like you're stuck in a world thats far from home,

and you claim you're scared of the unknown.

you should be taught and shown that the only fear is the known.

your self confidence strenght is stronger than a stone,

you could fight three drones...

At the end of the night you need to know someone feels the same way and is waiting to come home.