"Beware the Bandersnatch"

Beware the furmious Bandersnatch,

As you're walking along your way,

It hides in the light of night and the darkness of the day,

Waiting for its next catch.

For it tis not the bogeyman or the wolf of were,

It is not none of these things, but the monster of despair.

With it razor claws 'n teeth in jaws, with its jet black hair.

It stalks at night to stock the larder of his lair.

To him, you're a piece of candy,

Scrumptious, you look dandy.

He'll pounce on you like fresh meat,

Like a quick and tasty treat.

Full of spite and malice.

Wanting to devour poor sweet Alice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was about how people can use you for what you have, like in a one sided relationship.

So Beware of those who want to snatch you up.

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