Age rushed in like the waves of an unrelenting sea…

knowing she could not hold back the tide

she welcomed in the ocean


and did her best to enjoy the ride.

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There’s this old guy in my photos…is he someone I should know?

I see him standing in the spot I stand and I have to wonder…where’d I go?


He’s usually standing in the back….smiling joyously.

Sometimes he’s standing next to Deborah…and I think…that should be me.


But it can’t be me…this old guy…standing in my place…

His hair is much too grey and he has too many wrinkles on his face.


I’ve seen him next to our children and grandchildren too…

standing…shoulder to shoulder

He certainly looks a little like me…but that man is so much older!


Deborah I ask, I’ve seen this old guy in so many of our photos

you should be taking pictures of me…instead of him…

Deborah looks at me and smiles…

then she chuckles, and says, “Oh, Jim…."


“Look closer at the photos…it’s might be hard to believe but it is true

in every picture that I take…that old guy…he is you.”


People say a camera adds 10 pounds to a person

but it’s more than that, I fear…

for all the cameras we have seem to be adding 20 years.


But I suppose in the right lighting…that person that I see

It’s possible…just maybe…that old guy could be me.


And I guess I should be happy…yes, I believe I should

because this old guy who resembles me…

he’s looking pretty good!

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We are spending a week at a camp for adults…It’s a beautiful place to be.

Deborah’s taking Thai cooking…me….photography.


I heard a woman say this morning…it’s been a long time since they felt this good…

She though being here for a week is like reliving their childhood.


I don’t quite agree with her assessment…I think with each new sunset…each new dawn

The child we once were long ago may have changed but is never gone.


What if every day the me I am joins other past me’s in a giant reservoir?

What if we are continually synthesized into the people who we are?


In a way aren’t we constantly adding to ourselves--each day we just change the sum…

as we evolve from every person who we were, and are, into who we will become.


And although we may not ever again be that particular child...this one fact I know:

We awake each morning to embrace the wisps of that child from long ago.


Sure responsibilities and obligations may change life’s roller coaster ride

but we needn’t worry about that child...he has never left our side.


That child is still a part of Deborah…that child is still a part of me…

As she learns how to cook spicy Thai food…and I learn photography.


Yes, I’m proud to say our children never left us…and I doubt they ever would…


because for 65 years and counting now…we’ve been living our childhood.

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