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Dont chu know no good?

if he'd a hada

battered your life

took your work as wise

but your words as predictable..

you would have sworen you were in love

tho flowers, talks, and long walks in the parks

these type of sparks a neva win your heart


 dont chu kno no good?


surley minor things will be accepted

 feeling like when its always done, how could one request it

but if its a rare affection then u prolong it

 cuz deep down u never expected non neglection

now exceptance of being lonley

that love foney,

dont chu kno no good?



i wish you well

forseeing before propel

u think because u feel

a way

u must leave away

cope your feelings str8

to keep ya fears away

so now yo tears exscape

dont chu kno no good?


sights seen

but cnt feel ta kno

if your leaving

 just go

cuz ion need this nomoe

time after the disaster

my pastor

 opened  a chapter

ta capture

and now i kno

 what it means

to know!

I finally know something good!!

New adventures.

What to say; I'm starting my new life with shine and smiles,

I never felt so alive than I do right now bouncing like a child,

The dread that follows me; too afraid to hurt cause I will tell,

I will have to move on even without people I count on, oh well.


Positive things are so much healthier than dark trails,

I feel lightning striking threw my fingers; I'm ready to embrace this old world,

Ready to bring my power out; I hope I do more good damage than I think, HAIL, 

Reasons of respect flow, but when it comes to right and wrong I'm never perfect, a great fail.


People love me for who I am yet I hurt myself more than others; I'm tired of being me,

Reaching my goals day by day; I love who I am inside just wish people understood me thoroughly,

What I want is something so special yet how do you make family realize its for the best; roughly,

I'll never be the dull bulb that dies early; I break rules, dance like I'm 15, Love like theres no tomorrow.


I want approval yet I don't care what you say I just want to leave,

I'll leave marks of course; don't be hard on me I have feelings too; even when I'm rebellious,

Sometimes I wish there was nothing but simplicity; we all know thats not real,

All problems come with feelings; only we reach for the good ones that sometimes don't follow; at least I shine like medallions.


All the love, hate, pitty, sorrow, wonderful, exciting, and exotic things I've experienced before don't compare,

This amazing trip I'm planning; call it long but romantic, and sorta like a family reunion; even friends are family,

Never say never I hear; even though Never say Never came true, haha, I fought hard for what I believe in now and then; life seems fair,

Life feels like a huge adventure you never run out of time till your old; no ties and no rules as long as you live that way though rules always apply,

We never run out of things to say; our beliefs come into play so I guess rules apply. Just don't let people bend your fate, rules are yours as supply.