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Dead as a door nail

bullet in the head;


Stinking stinch,

rotting flesh;


Forgotten corpse;

explode like a bomb


Worms infest;

eat the meat;



Evidence incomplete,

complete decomposition


Worthless Trash,

pathetic human being!!!!


Bury this corpse;

lock it away in the tomb,

forever sleep,

without dreams,


as one door opens,

another closes.


Tending to these wounds,

seeking answers to these prayers,

but nothing but the sound of the bleak

wind, howling in the darkness;

alone, perpetually, digging this

grave, preparing for the inevitable end,

which has yet to come, avoiding at all costs

the sun and going deeper and deeper into that cave.


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Dear Diary


The once cheerful songs we used to party to,

now make me cry.

The "happy" memories,

now nightmares that remind me of you.

They remind me I could have done something,

that I could have helped,

that I failed you,

that I lost you forever.

I knew something was wrong,

but I was too selfish to do anything.

I was too busy getting high,

to notice what I was doing, in a different form,

would ultimately be the death of you.

Mine was on life,

but yours was on a drug to clear your mind

and ease your pain.

Now there is nothing to make me high,

for there is no joy,

just sorrow.

I wish I would have called instead of ignoring responsibilities.

Now I am forced to paint on a fake smile.

Only a few people see the gold dripping.



Look around

See the smiles of those around him.

 Wonder how they could be happy.

He thinks, "How could I have gone from being so happy,

to completely dead inside in seconds?

Them drugs got a hold of her,

took her down to the deep,

killed her. She meant the world to me.

She was the reason I was sane,

the reason I was alive,

the reason I felt like I belonged,

like I had a home.

If only I called,

said I cared, before I lost her forever."

How does one go from happy for years, to completely lonely and dead for life?

By losing hope,

loved ones,

and getting hurt one too many times.

He does not simply just get sad anymore.

He just gets a little more broken,

a little more lost,

a little closer to death.