Addiction drugs


Yo yo I'm still in the same ole hell livin the Same old dream 

Trying to escape my mind from reality 

Originallty  isn't a thing no more 

People don't recognize themselfs for who they are 

Geting caught up easily a

Makeing  mistakes accidentally 

Never give in or it'll win 

honestly it takes everything 

your looks to your weight 

your mind to your soul

 your happiness to your wellness 

Not even once they told us 

Addiction always in control

 never gonna leave

 never gunna get old 

always gunna be around 

Any place any town

Lost souls never being found

Just stuck in the crowd 

Unable to get out 

Same circle route 


  be strong 

hold on understand the disease methinfetine help the person if they need

 if an addict could just stop using that be incredible 

they would literally be invincible 

but addicts struggle everyday 

 it's a process needed to take

 give it all you got if you fall 

stand tall always believe 

Set yourself free









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