Wouldn’t this planet be a wonderful place…starting today…if only

We never let another person ever feel lonely.


If no one ever lived in squalor, in famine or poverty.

If no one ever felt the sting of inhumanity.


If everyone in the world received an education that also taught them how to think

If everyone had access to electricity, and clean water they could drink.


If when something bad happened to us we stopped looking for someone else to blame

If no matter what a person believes in or looks like…we treated everyone the same.


If instead of being separate nations we were a nation or one

If only we felt protected by…instead of afraid of…a person with a gun


If priests didn’t molest girls and boys…that can’t be in God’s plan!

If girls and women didn’t have to worry about being molested by a man.


If everyone had a place to live with windows and a door.

If no one had to worry about health care anymore.


If wars were non existent…if we had clean rivers and skies…

If everyone understood the meaning of compromise…


If we saw the beauty in each person…if we were kind to one another 

If we treated everyone across the world as our sister and our brother…


We have the power to change the world…

we have the strength within our hearts…

If only we would take the time…


if only we would start.

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