I still remember

the faint smile,

that never faded

the lovely lips

the dewy eyes,

looked so nice

when on me,

i was suprised

the queer touch,

i miss so much

her feel so soft,

i miss a lot

and a faint smell,

of a creme

ah! the best in my nostrils,

ever been,,

sitting next to me,

in the summers

i'd feel her sweat mix mine,

T’ was fine,,

but now,

there is no more of her

but her thoughts,

sometimes lighten up

and make me bright

i tell myself ,

it's not love

just a chidish dream

never to green,,,!!!

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no name

deep within my heart,

lies a song never heard,

OH what a life, what fences,,

ain't it just RULED BY CHANCES

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by chance

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whenever i see a hottie,
my mind gets naughty
thinking her to unbutton
my head gets stubborn
am i a womanizer,?

my eyes pierce her clothes,
waiting to see some more
and i curse the ugly mind,
will it ever be kind.
am i a womanizer.?

is it only body i want,
available in many a places
and to myself i taunt,
life is much more beyond sex
am i a womanizer,?

nowadays more than often,
the blood rushes between my legs
i couldn't help myself,
is it a natural track,,
am i a womanizer,?

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