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Destroy What Destroys You

The Process

Destroy what destroys you

When thoughts are keeping you up at night

The monster destroying you,

Force it away with all of your might


Whatever is dragging you downward,

Don't let it steal light from your eyes

Do what you can to move yourself forward

Put all of your darkness to its demise


Destroy what destroys you,

If it is living inside of your brain

Destroy what destroys you,

Embark on a new life free from pain. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a tattoo on my shoulder blade with the words "destroy what destroys you." People have always asked what that means, so here's an explanation. 

A Brighter Tommorow

Just a thought!

If I were an angry man, I'd scream about the future

And take away the memories of my past

I'd crawl inside a deep dark cave and yell about redemption

And follow all the echos while they last

I'd listen to resounding words and pray for God's forgiveness

And check for all the answers to my prayers

Hoping for direction, taking words of absolution

Accepting all commandments that he shares

I'd walk the straight and narrow, down every winding road

Following the pathway which was laid in front of me

Sharing all the secrets, so the days we lead tomorrow

Leave a brighter world to live in, and a better place to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"'A Brighter Tomorrow"

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