Without making a big deal of this…without sounding too dramatic 

studies have shown it takes an average of 66 days for a behavior to become automatic.


I don’t bring this up casually…I have an ulterior motive instead.

Since we’ve had our new little camper…I’ve become worried about my head.


Oh, I love the camper so far and Deborah heartily agrees

but there is a part of this new camper that has it in for me.


We have these lovely windows that open out to let in fresh air

But they should come with a huge sign on them…

A sign of warning…a sign…BEWARE!


Because when I am not careful (and that is often) my face turns a bright red

when I bump into this window and blood gushes from my head.


And you think I’d learn my lesson…you’d think I’d remember when…

I hit my head that first time…but I banged it once again.


The third time I had my phone in my hand…

this bang did not put one bruise upon my head

but I flinched away so violently my phone flew…

and I cracked it’s face instead.


Which leads me to wonder how many more times will it take?

Will this head banging ever cease?

How many more bruises and broken phones 

before the window and my head reach a peace?


Then I remember it takes 66 days for a new behavior…a habit to grow

And I gaze at the window and wonder what my head will look like…


with 63 more days to go

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