The Superhero Returns With Deadpool 2

The anti-hero mercenary fan of chimichanga returns to the big screen with a film that has been captained by a different director and that has been noticed. But do not worry, because if you liked the previous installment of Deadpool this sequel will not disappoint you, but you will like it as it takes the character further and includes more in the X-Men franchise, but it does so while preserving its style. Watch complete Deadpool 2 Movies123free here witthout going to movie theater.

We went from Tim Miller to double action and now cult director David Leitch. With the change of director and with the new characters (mainly with Cable) we have the inclusion of more serious scenes but without a decrease in the number of gags, that is why the burlesque, black and macabre tone of Deadpool is not lost, in fact the liters of blood have increased.

If there is a merit, quite satirical, related to these films is that each time they get closer to the gore and still manage to reach the general public. The bloody thing is trivialized, it becomes a joke about it and it is something that many of us have enjoyed for years. The fact of having this macabre taste has always been a matter of reprobation but now that same censor public enjoys this genre thanks to 'Deadpool'.

Many surprises and changes regarding the vignettes, await you in this new 20th Century Fox 123freemoviesonline in which music is again important. Not only current issues, but also classical themes are present. It can make you feel old with some allusions, yes, Mr. Reynolds and fellow writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, some if we remember what is dubstep.

In his visit to Madrid last year Fabian Nicieza (creator of the character) told us that what was done with Deadpool in 'X-Men origins: Wolverine' had nothing to do with him, that they had not counted on his criteria, that When he saw her in the cinema with friends, her perplexed face was the same as that of the rest of the audience. With 'Deadpool' his satisfaction as the father of the loudmouth mercenary was much greater and with 'Deadpool 2' he will surely enjoy with others seeing how they make their child prosper.