Life As a Martian

Day by day im on this planet -- the more i realize i jus cant stand it -- wen i was a human i couldn't see -- all of what that was in front of me -- people lie ; people steal ; people cry ; people feel -- so why is it wen we all heal -- we feel da need to put up that shield -- that extra armor to protect our heart -- that extra armor to protect who we are -- we fight the fight to stay our way -- we fight the fight but do not change -- we do not realize this armor is stained -- we do not realize dat we still feel pain -- all we did was block da hate -- we didnt evolve -- we stood the same -- we didnt resolve -- we didnt change -- we live and die as we came -- as human -- then we pray -- to be reborn as something new -- to feel unique to feel beautiful -- now i see the world as it is -- open doors -- i see da bliss -- i see it all -- i see da bullshit -- no longer do i seem dazed -- no longer am i caged -- i am not da same i have changed -- no longer in ur race -- being human not the case -- I'm something new something far -- something different beyond does stars -- so when u approach -- approach with caution -- cause wen u approach ur approaching a martian -- but do not fear - u may come near -- cuz i need to see if u have does eyez -- i need to see if ur my wife -- and if ur not then its ok -- cuz i'll keep searching till da end of dayz -- like that moon up in da sky -- we far apart -- but not at heart -- & even tho I'm on this fucked up planet -- I never really ever landed -- my heart is up there next to u -- and i kno ur beyond beautiful -- I do not feel this earth beneath my feet -- what i feel each day is our beat -- our heart -- our hum -- our music -- our drum -- wat i feel each day is she -- and i will not rest untill we meet -- cuz baby ur my 1 and only martian bride to be ~

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   I saw your photo naked in the back of my door,

Love disintegrated it instantly,

I watch and listen your apologies,

Bleeding through the cracked walls,

But I knew, I was empty,

Lying in a pool of blood Christ,

There was nothing left inside me,

Your kisses were like frozen fishes,

Your eyes as blur as my last dead pet,

You was nothing,

A simple picture naked in the back of my door!


Millions stared fills with lust,

And I knew, I was prepare to give up,

The most beautiful  wicked slut!,

Take your blue eyes and you pearl skin,

I shall never know if it was the dollars or vanity,

Who stole and destroy the future mother of my child,

His cold outside and burning with rage inside,

Because I long for children’s still,

And you took that away from me,

For penny slut!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes i can hear his voice calling me, ""daddy, addy, where are u?""

i am never far baby

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