Walking Angel

Why do angels

Have wings

Cause in the sky

They fleet


When I saw you walking

Now I wonder

 Do they have feet


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*You'll Never Walk Alone*


Trisha M. Barrek  Hopkins

When you walk upon your path 
You'll never walk alone 
When your heart feels like its going to break 
You'll never walk alone 
When you feel run down and your body feels a pain of ache 
You'll never walk alone 

When your skies turn cold and gray 
You'll never walk alone 
When you feel you've lost your way 
You'll never walk alone 


When everything seems to be going wrong 
You'll never walk alone 
When ever you feel no longer strong 
You'll never walk alone 


When ever you feel like to cry 

you'll never walk alone 
When ever you feel depressed and want to die 
You'll never walk alone 


When ever you want to run away and hide 
You'll never walk alone 

The reason why "You'll never walk alone" 
Is because sweety I'll always be by your side 

No matter if it is human form 

Or from my spirit up above high 
With the lord above in the sky 
You'll never walk alone in the dark and evil storm 


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Among the Stars


When you walk among the stars

You cannot see the earth below

All its beauty, lost forever

Unseen, unheard amid the glow


You have to step outside yourself

Look around, breathe your first

There's so much more to be had

If you come down to the earth


When you walk among the stars

The glare is bright enough to blind

And you'll miss the wonders of the world

If you're stuck admiring your sky.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~written 7/29/2013

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Sad but always beautiful

Set goals, bright lights
Shining through the city on this dreary night
My heart burns, led by the wind on a childish plight
Forget none, choices made willing, while being so blind
Translucently whisper past the sunrise, blank mind
Adrift for uncharted dirt, indifferent of the course
Come back speechless, forsaken and filled with remorse
An empty journey that spread false prints in the snow
What a fate, sorrow plagues the land everywhere I go
Drenched in pain, makes me feel of life in a corrupt reign
My desperate body aches of surrender, for now shall refrain
Witnessed beauty by and by in between worlds we held, where
Sadness ceased to be, for moments in time let us see

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Footfalls on meadows,
windswept in shade;
soured by sun-beaten rays.

Weight beneath heat,
skin beneath cotton;
clouding when skin falls rotten.

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Camminendo sotto la pioggia

non sara mai lastessa

yu non sei con me




Walking in the rain

it will never be the same

you're not with me.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a walk in the rain.

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