Unrequited Love


I am not a lovely girl.

I'm not a princess to be carried.

I am just a lonely girl,

To be dressed in black and buried.

And I don't feel I deserve your love

Or your empathy;

But I appreciate your time,

And don't face you with apathy.

I just see you as a prince,

And think you deserve a maiden fair

Like a tiny,delicate flower,

Who needs your light and tender care.

So I want you to just go out

And find yourself a lovely girl,

And just leave me all alone,

In my own little world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is loosely based on my Idol,Ani DiFranco's, "Not A Pretty Girl".

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Dreary and Moreso

Gyrating like a heavenly body

It's the mind and not the form

That confuses me so

Depressing as a funeral

Impressing all the kinds of hurt

Stamping and stomping on my forehead

And pulling hairs out one by one

It hurts the whole time

Building to a culmination

A welcome change from drearier times

But in the end, were there ever worse times?

A classier woman there never was

To all but me

They say you're young and that is why

But I see rational thought in you

Indeed, a level-headed person

So why?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

More rhymeless free verse stuff... I'm just trying to get out what I can't say to these people in person...

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There is really laugher,

Yes, I know,

Becouse you lit up

My darkness

When I came to know

Your love,

These are truly, more than

Simple words

The past existed still, but

For me became no more,

Side by side,

Today we're but one,

A living shadow,

Where all our dreams,

Will live on, as long as

We have each other and

This true love.



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2001 Poetry

I wonder if you are always like that

one who takes command without any demand

you seemed to be relishing to whatever I give

you are always geared towards my lead

what is it in me that you find so engaging?

whatever I say you follow without a warning

always ready to achieve all that I seek

were you ever thinking of your own need?

I tried to appreciate all of your strivings

counting the good deeds you are unselfishly giving

but appreciating does not satisfy anything

for that someone we want could not fathom a thing

your patience is drowning me deep into the sea

sucking my veins until your're draining me

I wish to succumb to an endless effort

but everytime I gaze it's HIM that I crave

hope you would understand that I cannot give

what you long for will never be fulfilled

you know how much I tried but still is futile

I'll just say a prayer for you to accept it

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You say you love me,
That I'm an angel come to earth.
I feel you're thinking,
That your angel is just a flirt.


If a flirt,
Then why an angel?
Is it possible
To make her feel like dirt?


I think alot about you,
Even when youre not around.
But continue this path
And knock my feelings to the ground.


But you and I can never be,
I realised now.
You still love her,
You're making me feel low.


One day I am dead,
Then you sit and do regret.
But then its too late,
There is nothing you can do.


So please tell me now,
Who is it that you truly love?
Is it her or is it me?
Please set my heart free.

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Ashes to Ashes

I'm stirring ashes in the hearth.

The coals I cannot rouse.

Your body left me yesterday.

Your love had long been doused.

I'm stirring ashes in the hearth.

The fire's no longer there.

The ashes of my love remain,

But who is left to care?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written about the death of a marriage of 24 years

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I can’t say that I knew you

I can’t say what could’ve been

but for one night

I enjoyed pure bliss

my sweet Aries

you lied to me

with your bitter deception

the beauty of an angel

and the scorn of bitch

I wonder at night

what you are doing

what you’re thinking

and I guess ill never know

you left me

my sweet

sweet friend

we will never meet again

ill never forget that night

it might have been nothing to

you but it opened my mind

where did you go my

devilish angel

why have you deceived me

giving me false pretenses

of hope

just to lay me down

and tell me this lust

this infatuation is over

you left me

a wreck

my sweetest friend

I will never lay beside you again

my sweetest friend

this is the end...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i miss the girl

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The Dance

Before love

Here we are

     Dancing, together

To a song

     That will echo in my head

For years.

     Upon hearing it on the radio,

I will remember this dance.

     The memory will last


     Even if love does not.

I will remember this moment

     When you were mine,

And only mine.

     I wish the music

Would never stop.

     Then I could keep you

And never share you

     With anyone else.

But alas,

     The song ends

You walk away

     Trailing love behind you.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another '98 poem.  It's about dancing with a guy I liked a lot.

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Is she pretty on the inside,

Or is her beauty just skin deep?

Is she all you've ever wanted?

Is she all you'd ever need?

Do you really love each other?

Are you the best of friends?

Will you always be together

Until the very end?

Is she pretty on the inside,

Or is she vain down to the bone?

Would she break your heart to pieces?

Would she leave you all alone?

I'm not trying to intrude,

But playing with fire can leave you burnt.

I hope you don't think that I'm rude.

I just don't want you hurt.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Loving someone who loves somebody else who doesn't love them as much as you would if you could.

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