*I Miss You My Love My Hero*


 April.18.2007 2:31am/December.24.2011

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins




I miss your gorgeous sight

When before I go to bed

I lean down and begin to pray

I'll remember the last thing you said

"My love I will be back soon someday"

That is then I fell to my knees and began to cry

I pray to God everynight 

My love comes back wishing he finds

His way back to my heart

Asking God our love that we have let it be 

God every moment my heart pleads

Don't let my love,My hearo from me part

Let our souls for each other continue to bleed

For our love has been strong since the start 


I miss my love so much

I want to feel on my face

His gentle touch

When he kisses me 

He does it so 

With love and at a slow romantic pace

It sets my worries free

While your always my sweet

Let God protect you with the angels above

While I sit here and wait for your warm body heat

Tonight when I enter the world of dreams

I will go to our favorite spot to meet


To look into your eyes and to feel your arms

Around me it feels real

You say "Next to me will always be your seat"

And then tell me 

"I am always in your heart"

No matter the distence no matter how far 

Please believe me please stay strong

Keep in your heart and wishing on that star

Together forever and always 

And back agian we belong

And soon my soul I will be back to stay

It won't be long

So please believe in what I say


You're my love, my hero

The one I will love forever 

My hate for you will always be at zero

We will always be together 

I will take care of you 

As you will take care of me 

And our love will always remain true

We will never let each other free

Because you are my love and you are my hero



i was never special

i was never special
better never 
never more 
But I wanted to be 
and tried 
But the world is cold 
And calloused over
Its always why I lied 
You can't come in 
where you gonna go 
Everything's been denied. 
My mixed mistakes 
Fault me now 
I Saw myself and cried 
End on high
Now that's a plan
Death until I died
No such luck 
Cross me now
On the other side 

*I Want*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I want you to want me for who I am

And for you I'll do the same

I want to make you shine brighter then a gem

So you understand I don't want to play this mind game


I want a chance to make you forget your past

I give you my word I won't break your heart

I want us to build something special that'll last

Promise if I agree to be good friends 

Nothing will tare us apart


This is the next to hardest thing to do 

The way I actually feel

Nobody ever really knew

My heart the guys always steal

The next day you talk to them about me 

They'd say "who"

It's like my feelings weren't a big deal

I wish no more of being down and blue

It is taking me so long to heal


God could it really be

That this time I found the perfect one

I guess we will both will have to wait and see

Your heart I hope I won



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think this poem could be longer. it doesnt seem to me that it is finished 

*I Saw You*

March.22.1998 12:54pm/

 May.26.2013 4:30pm

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I saw you 

That'sall I had to see

I never knew

It could be meant for me 

I thought I always had to live in a dream

I always thought my heart would never wake

But you're the one that patched up the seam

Could it be true that your not a fake


I never thought this day would come 

It had to been fate

That brought us together 

I always thought I had to hate

Is it meant to be 

That we are meant to have eachothers heart

My heart belonging to you forever

Maybe this is Gods way to start a new begining

A brand new start


I always wanted you to be mine

Since in the past

When I saw you I wondered what it would be like 

If I was with you all the time

I believe God brought us together 

So we could have something special

A love that lasts forever 

Together as we wine and dine 


Things happen for a reason

Maybe together we can find that out 

Even if it takes us through every season

If I could give you all the long stemmed roses 

I would do it in a heartbeat

But if it was only my love I could give

With me would you plan to meet

I would give you my life just so you could live

But next to you will you save that seat


I pray that you believe

That you're the one I've been looking for 

I'll always be afraid that you might leave

But for now I want to give you memories to store 

When I saw you I didnt think it would be 

I never thought I could have more 

I never thought God would give me a chance

I never thought you'd find something special in me 

But now I see

He's giving me this time to have a loving romance 




Now that I finally got you back I'm not letting go

My feelings for you 

I do want you to know

My feelings are 100% true

I want a life with you to share

Make memories to remember

Show you how I care

Watch seasons change in September

Promise me you won't leave 

If we get into a fight 

Lets talk it through

I'd feel a lot better if I knew


I never knew that one day

You'd come up to me... a nobody

And say I love you

I couldn't believe it I don't know whgat to say

When I saw you baby

And looked in your eyes

I then knew I truely loved you 

I believe this can work just maybe

My heart no longer dies


I will love you always and forever

For enturnity and a day more 

From here to the moon and back again

You and me together 

And our remember whens

Your love,charm,kindness, and soft touch I will store 

I thank the lord above

He really knew

I thank you and him for your love

I am so happy for that day I saw you 

My feelings for you no one else can comepare

I will hold on to eachother

Our love we will forever share

Our hearts belong to no other



*A Night So True*

Sun 5/25/2008 8:29 AM 
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

As we hold eachothers hand 
It brings my heart to beat fast 
May this be it could he be my #1 man 
Wanting this feeling to forever last 


As you glide your fingers through my hair 
I dont want this night to end 
But of course it must nothing in life is fair 
I wonder if we'll become more then just a friend 
But for now i must let your warmth go 
Telling by your kiss 
Your return will be soon i just know 
A night so true noother man can match this 


I will hold on to tonight 
The warmth of your hand 
I will remember your gorgous sight 
Soon again by eachothers side well stand 



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*All or Nothing At All*

April .12. 2005/ March .24. 2014
Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Sweety I got the chance to embrace you as a friend 
I got the chance to share your love and romance
Baby don't get me wrong I don't want any of it to end 
You'll forever be in and apart of my innocence 
My loving friendship to you I'll always send 

But sweety lately it's either your friendship or it's your love 
You tell me 
Baby I want all or nothing at all 
I can't set one of them free
I need to have both or my heart will fall

Why is it when I find something so true
I have to always let it go 
It's so unfair and makes me so blue
How to deal I just don't know


When we lay so close together
And you kiss me so gently
I want to keep you forever
But I only hold that mentally


It's all or nothing at all
My sweet love you make me happy
I ask of God to not let either heart fall
And maybe in the future my girls can call you daddy


Keep them company
With me watch them grow 
What ever you do don't dump me 
Because it seems with you 
They really want to know 
Help them be able to see
That their love it's okay to show


Baby I'm sorry it's all or nothing at all
What are you looking for 
Together the five of us have a ball
You know where to find me 
When you are looking for more 
So for now I guess I'll set you free



Author's Notes/Comments: 

shaniya loves her mommy and nobody can change it i love mommys work



Poem Strings

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Because you are a

cocreator with God,

what you desire

will come true...

The only uncertainty

is the exact time

it will happen.

Immature desires

fall away as the soul grows,

If one dies with unrealized

desires, they magnetize

him through gravity

back into a new body.



Sathya Sai Baba: (desires are chains) Gold chains bind

as surely as iron ones.



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Obama has bombed 1900 places since he began

attacking ISIS sites without congressional authorization

and more importantly without the

consent of the American people.

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Most fishes

think suffocation vicious.

Should they act

against humans avaricious?

Many more think

fish not delicious

not nutritious

.. why include mercury,

liver flukes and radiation

in family dishes?


Fish Can't Scream: Their Flesh Contains Radiation, Neurotoxins, Worms Etc.

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When 3 planets

did align

into a perfect trine

then the following

came true:

My beloved Valentine

You are mine. I am thine.

Forever my soul and heart

my mate entwine'



Footnote: we have an infinite love relationship forever with all beings



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He did not like to

wear commercial scents.

Instead above his closet clothes

he burned ashram incense.



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Four days after Lazarus

beloved of Jesus died

Jesus came to see him

and then Jesus cried.


Without further grieving,

Jesus raised

Lazarus from death...

for in the Son of God

all power abides.



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Every Juan, Natasha,

Abisa and Art

How great thou art!

How great thou art!


No matter how thick the cloud

how dark its sunblocking shroud

We are all forever one with God

We are all forever one with God.



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The snakecharmer

commands the

cobra to rise

but Potiphar's wife

could not create

Joseph's desire



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Those who release the past

with forgiveness sublime

are no longer frozen

in bygone time

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*You Make Everything Better*

To my soul mate: Derrick.  He inspired me to write this of course i got writers block 
so i will be coming back to finish it..... 

You Make Everything Better
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

I am able to stand on my own to feet, 
But honey when i stand by your side, 
Our hearts are forever together and complete, 
You re goofiness never will hurt my pride, 
Because i love you deep down i know you know its true, 
You re true self is what i fell in love with from the start, 
I fell in love with someone with so much passion no one 
should that be denied, 
But of course God already knew, 
Such feeling such a force only you are the one who figures 
out how to heal my heart, 
Together from each other we have nothing to hide, 
Because sweetheart you make everything better, 


I may want to do my own thing, 
Or go on my own for the day, 
But there is no words that i can describe on what 
to my soul everyday you bring, 
There's sometimes i don't even know what to say, 
But once you look into my eyes with so much love, 
I know deep in my heart everything will be okay, 
Being with you i know i don't need to make it my goal, 


Whenever I'm not felling my self or I'm feeling down, 
You know how to make everything better, 
With just a hug, an I LOVE YOU, or just a passionate kiss, 
You even know how turn my frown, 
With just a few loving words in a brief letter, 
Baby when your away you are the one i forever miss, 


You Make Everything Better, 
In those few words my soul mate, 
They explain it all but not by a long shot, 
But they still cant explain how strong for you i truly feel, 

It would be just too hard to you to send any hate, 
Because we have such a forceful love, 
So passionate and steaming hot, 
NO ONE can steal or take from us, 
They cant tare our bond apart with any type of baby fuss they try to pull, 
Everyday that passes is just a plus, 
My mind ever thinking of leaving is just bull, 
Because baby you make everything better, 
If no one can understand or see that they are just a plain fool.....



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                                                  Elizabeth My love

Love is;
letting go...
Let go of the past,
let go of the future.
let go of the sorrows.
Love is;
Finding Happiness.
Love is;
Being True!
Love is;
Becoming something more,
love is;
Finding hapiness and safety.
And my only love is you.

Elizabeth #$%##  #^^^$%^&

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my feelings.