Bring nothing but pain upon me. Dig your claws
within me just to let go. A stream of blood flowing
from my wounds.
Seeing my blood drip from your claws makes you grin.
Your eyes glow red like the fires of hell.
I watch as you slide your claws down my skin, you
go deeper into my skin, waiting for me to scream.
The screams that you were looking for escape my
lips burning them on the way out.

Lovers Torture.

My bones seem to reverberate,
Oh, please God, stop the shakes.
Someone should offer my place.
Something must be an escape.

Don't give me any more wine,
I know you're not this kind.
Stop feeding my rage;
Just let me out of this cage.

Such heavy manacles on my wrists.
Why do you have to torture me like this?
Can't you just leave me alone?
I said go!

Don't give me any more food.
I'd rather starve than be with you.
Stop feeding my hatred.
Just end this; tear me to shreds.

You should shut it; I'm not fine.
I'm not a fool to your lies.
No, it's not you I need.
Go away and leave me be!

Don't leave a rose when you go.
It holds your fragrance; and with that I will not cope.
Stop trying to give me love,
When I die I'll send you torture from above.

Is that a knife at my thigh?
Hurry and say goodbye.
His forked tongue makes my stomach churn.
What I'd give for my head to turn.

Don't feed my fear.
I'd cut off your face to get rid of that leer.
Stop grinning at my threats.
You won't be laughing when I'm holding your neck.

What I'd give to make your death slow.
I know you're alive; the voices told me so.
Just my imagination?
I'll show you abomination!

Don't you free my life.
Hell, if you do you'd better hide that scythe.
Stop unlocking the manacles from me.
Screw you; this isn't funny!

Ah, gods, run home!
Hurry up, leave me alone.
Please, please, run faster!
Can't you see you've created a monster?

You know what? Never mind.
I've already cleaved into your life.
Now that I've got your heart,
I'm going to tear you apart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Ethan.

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I feel like I've dipped

into the most vial parts of me

I don't appreciate who 

I've presented myself to be


am I really untrustworthy?

am I really tactless?

am I really so insensitive?

my answers seem to be yes




who am I?

how am I to overcome 

this disgusting side of me

I don't like her... I judge her


this giant ego

that takes over reactively

blinding me so I can't see the truth 

when it's standing right in front of me


Ego writes this now 

to degrade me

and I allow it

to come crashing in on me


I feel sick

I am sick


stricken with the worst kind of pain


I think I know what it feels like to be

and it's awful


no one should ever be 

subjected to such misery

yet I've endured it 

knowing that I deserve it


allowing that kind of behavior

that I don't respect in others

so why do I give myself a free pass?


perhaps I don't 


I became ill

severely ill


and I don't believe 

it was just food poisoning




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Volume One








Tie me up, and tear out my heart

Beat me, scold me and let it start

cut me

bleed me

let me fear

gut me and hang me like a deer

Kill me now

don't waste time

I'm not worth a single dime

I can hear the song of death

I can feel the cold

I can see the light

In the darkness of the Night

Help me

set me free before it's done

you think this is fun?

My ribs can feel the air

you this this is fair?

Then it stops, all is quiet

The pain, the feelings its all gone

I lie here in my bloody bed

it is done I am dead

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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