Succeed through trial

At Long Last A Victory

Quest of the brave
a set of instructions
to obey and behave
And be with the champions

Run to the home of Locke ness
Sprint down the crushed rock
Don't slow but be cautious
Emerge self into the Locke

Once in don't stop for cold
Swim the farthest reach of just man
For boats are beyond I'm told
It's so cold not many can

Border on darkness and depth
Emersion with danger
Only to half of strength
You're getting only colder

Back on shore you convalesce
Halfway to dead but conqueror
With friends will acquiesce
Battle won with valor

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this as if it were a set of instructions for a knightly character. It was written after the first time i could fully submerge myself in the water and swim to the bouy.