In this life

I admit to being the biggest fool.

In death I wish to know all.

That ever was,

And will be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dont know anything for sure. But I hope that one day, I will.

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To my ex

Love & Love Lost

We were together for so long, yet you fled in an instant, words of love were spoken like song, but you became more distant, how did our love go so wrong?

The Simple Truth


The simple truth, 

Is just stupid,
It is nonsense!


But, it works...

Somehow it does.

Today and tomorrow,


As time goes,

As it dwindles,

 As it stops,


And Man?

You ask?

"why then?"


"Is it simple?"

Stop asking questions!

That are not,


So very simple,

So very true,

And happily so...


We ask too much.


And are unworthy.

To know more,

Than what is.


So very simple,

And very elegant,

That it repeats,


It is more,

Than it's self,

More than twice.


Exactly trice,

But not more,

And not exact.


For it does brake.

It always does again.


Therefore it does,

But does it?

Do simply anything.


Random or not,

Quite simply put,

The simple truth.





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Olive love

Olive skin shall blush
As slowly pressed together
Warmth pushed through linked souls

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First ever Haiku


Gravity has taken toll on me
and my spine is not unlike a branch:
gnarled by the heavy winds and rains,
stubborn and unyielding;
yet, essentially useless.

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Footfalls on meadows,
windswept in shade;
soured by sun-beaten rays.

Weight beneath heat,
skin beneath cotton;
clouding when skin falls rotten.

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Oh love, how it occurs so close and then goes away
Pulling and ripping the heart to shreds, almost everyday
We can wail until our tears fill the sea
But now we know, that this is how it will be;
We will promise to lie in wait, till your love can reach ours
But until we have you here, how could we not be sour?
You expect us to delay, not to hear a word
How can we survive the day, if your voice is unheard?
I wish love was a movie, so you could see what's really there
But as you listen and watch, will you be more aware?
This love is on display, I hope you will realize
All these thoughts and love pouring from our eyes
We hope when you decide to talk, our ears will attend
So until that one day, we can try our hardest not to bend

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Under Sheets

We stepped into familiar air.
The smell of sex
and bad decisions hanging
heavy like the curtains on the window
we broke in through.

I held my breath,
admiring your musculature,
watching other mouths speak Love
in a way that made simply saying it

reading out loud while
passing a bottle between us;
every sip a step closer to lust
just dance with me, lover.

We took everything off,
stood bare like trees
after the fruit’s been picked
seeds sinking back into the earth,

whispers stinging
like a windchill,
winter smothering the night,
nerve endings burning
like the tips of cigarettes
smoked between muscle spasms.

You shook like San Francisco
the day I made a river out of you,

your tongue trailing off
to other continents
the constellations
spelling out our names,

crashing into each other
like waves, arms out and open
waiting for the other
to stay.

We held on for as long as we could,

eyelids turning into anvils,
bodies on the cusp of meaning,
bones making music with the moon

a song
cursing the morning
for coming too soon.

©2011 Patrick Szajner

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What is heard in a moment
Of silence?
What can be done
To fill that empty alone?
How does one fulfill the needs
Of a hungry heart
That longs for the taste
Of another?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope everyone enjoys this. Comments appreciated, please and thanks :)

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