Short Story

Little Runaway

Short Stories

     Asia Hernandez looks out her bedroom window, seeing kids playing in the road. Living in the rundown part of town, there were no cars that passed through. Only cars around were junked out ones sitting on the curb, waiting to be fixed.

Leaving her window to exit her room, walking down the stairs, Asia sees that her mama is strung out on coke again. Lea Hernandez, passed out on the couch doesn’t even notice her daughter’s tears.

     Asia wants to leave this place but has nowhere to go, no one to turn to. With no father ever in the picture, there’s no one to convince her mother to quit the drugs. Deciding to run away, just to get away from it all, Asia heads back upstairs to pack.

     Grabbing an old blue jean backpack from the closet, she packs it with shirts, bras, pants, and undies. Going into the bathroom, she grabs her deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a hairbrush; shoving it all into the bag too.

     Back downstairs again, Asia sneaks out the backdoor hoping no one sees her. Running silently through backyards, and old alleyways, Asia emerges in a part of town way worse than where she lived. Shadows leap at her from the dark.

     Scared, not knowing where she’s going or from which way she came, Asia tries to find somewhere to hide, hoping not to be found by whoever was in the shadows. Finding a box beside a trashcan, she hides behind it. She watches the man pass by, but squeals a little when a rat runs over her shoe.

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Mr Bangla Miss Bengal

Miss Bengal Sour Grapes Meditate Preordain Peace

The Yoga School cum Fitness Centre of Sri Bissau Gosh was one of the best in North Calcutta. Body builder Sri Bissau Gosh had won the title of Mr India.

Health is wealth conscious; he set his goal determined to bring awareness amongst the youths in an implied manner.

Thus, he ran Fitness branches in Muhammad Ali Park Central Calcutta and planned to open one near Southern Avenue.

On invitation, Mr Gosh travelled abroad giving demonstrations and lectures supported by his daughter Mitu Gosh a Yoga expert.

Measured from innumerable visits with his group to Japan, his popularity in the Land of the Rising Sun was obvious.

He conducted a Mr Bangla, a Miss Bengal yearly feat, to make known the importance of Yoga discipline in life.

Regularly Trichina Dastur journeyed from South city to take Yoga lessons. Tall and well-contoured Trichina shared her experiences of Yoga Asana, elucidated the benefits of Yoga in her neighbourhood, very much motivated.

Not habituated at distances braving the same, after taking consent from mother, occasionally Tulle accompanied Trichina to North Calcutta by bus to Yoga School from Southern part of the city.

Often Trichina dragged her other locality juniors to the Yoga centre, proudly demonstrating her supple postures along with other regular attendees.

After watching them, some children, worked out easy postures at home particularly the lotus position.

“Concentration work wonders” Mitu lectured. Crisscrossing through rows of bent heads, she corrected their figurine bear with a light tug here and a push there. Mitu took pain to bring by perfection, amongst the trainees.

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Apart Brilliance Perfumes

Harvest Colours from the Rainbow

This autumn in Berlin, the State Exhibition Grounds of Hall number 9 lived flamboyant world colours. Traders from various corners presented their wares. Eager to do business, every participant highlighted their best; using spotlights, focus, and an array of imaginations.

At the yearly import shop fair, another few days of radiant activities in the city showered optimism, a welcome change from prolonged coverage of negative news, no work, no jobs …

Precisely numbered stands decorated, as per representing countries. Corridors lay with red carpets, a pleasure for saunters. Christmas, knocking doors, visitors wore buying moods. November mizzle could not dampen lofty spirits, forcing sunshine stretch happy hours.

Partitioned by a restaurant, sapping beer, neighboured by Russia and Turkey marquee selling costume jewelleries, Rati felt lucky at the location of their stand. They need not go far for quick nourishes when hungry, between ten to six o’clock in the evenings.

Voices of merry kids merged obliging parents. Groups of bouncing schoolchildren carrying rucksacks, escorted by teachers stopped at stalls buying knick-knacks, trinkets, souvenirs. Hands in pockets, sombre wholesalers fixed appointments to discuss their orders. Insisting spouses convinced each other on their choice articles.

Rushing end to end in tempo, her customers’ demand, Rati answering queries, replaced sold articles at an enormous. Her colleagues too were breathlessly joyous, delighted to provide in exchange of crisps.

Their items were imports from India. Rati like a handful of other Indians lived in the capital of Germany, working freelance.

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Xiaolin Showdown: Wind and Fire

Disclaimer: I do not own Xiaolin showdown or its characters and am simply writing a fan fiction.

Description: When Kimiko searches deep inside her heart and So does Raimundo will they finally confess their feelings?, Will kimiko’s sacrifice for Raimundo, which means she has to go away for several years affect their friendship and close bond?. Will life ever be the same?. And what about the unexpected twist in store.

1:A perfect start to a not so perfect day

Kimiko gazed out the window and sighed, it was clouded outside, such a dismal day. Some seventeenth birthday she thought. No one had even wished her a happy birthday.

She was only staring out the window because Raimundo was out there practicing his

Tai-chi (and other martial arts). He was so skillful, smart, handsome, sweet, and charming, she could go on forever… but she didn’t have that long.

Today kimiko’s hair was natural, no dye or extensions just its natural black colour with a blue natural sheen, it reached just beyond her shoulder blades. She was wearing a cute white top with short sleeves and a round neck, the neck and the end of the sleeves were trimmed with red. on the front was a cute anime girl with green hair to her jaw line, a white long sleeve top beneath blue dungarees and an ear piece, her  left arm raised and hand balled in a fist like she was punching the air in victory, her eyes matched her hair, on the back of the top was A girl with long red hair (not ginger) that matched her eyes, she also wore an ear piece, a white blouse with a tight buttercup yellow top and a burgundy ribbon around her neck tied in a bow. Apart from the top Kimiko wore a pair of black combats with zips up the sides. She looked well…cute.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fan fictiom

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Her mind

It was strange her tiredness had gone

As if it had outlived it’s self

And now her mind was serene yet detached

By Kylie Dowers

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The Witch in the Forest.....


The Witch in the Forest, , , had a

"terrible rep'...

for years and years, people

had thought that she ate

children..and "Their children"!

to be more exact!!!

But, heavens no!

This witch, had cable!

This witch loved to cook!

She watched all of the

food channel shows!

When two little children,

(Hansel and Grethel,


came to her door, one

fine November morning,

she bustled to the front


"Oh, My! Two Weetle Chewdren"

(that is how she said it!)

The two children knocked,

politely...and the witch hurried

to open the door for them!

"Come in, Come in,

you are most welcome!"

Then Hansel said,

"We are terribly lost, and

my sister is starving, well,

so am I!"

The witch had "instant

dinner guests!" (and no,

she wasn't going to

eat them!")

"Would you two like to sit

down? I have just made

a very fine meal, fit for a

a nobleman!" she said

beaming widely.

The children smiled and


Soon, they had gone thru

the Asian Chicken Salad,

the crablegs, and the tofu

soup, and the large Texas

toast, and the strawberry

rhubarb cobbler!

"Would you two like

anything else? " she

politely asked them.

"No. we are FUUULLLL!"

they laughed together.

Those two children

had never known that the

Witch in the Woods could

cook so fine, and or make

such a delicious and

satisfying meal, as she had

cooked that very night!

"YOU are the Bomb!"

said the boy.

"YOu sure can cook, and

bake!" said the little


"Do you think so?!" asked the

forest witch, quite pleased.

"Oh, definitely so!" the two

children said with gusto,

in unison.

"Why, you should open up

a restaurant...I 'd bet that

many, many

people would come to

eat here!"

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Marcle baby Zoë

other authors

Marcle baby Zoë

This is a story

Of a true Marcle

Sent down from


This woman

Has had lupus

Most of her


Was a newly

Wed  married

to love

Of her life!

They were

Starting their

Life’s journey


They had discuss

Having a family.

But her doctor

Told them the

Chances of

Her being a able

To carry a child full

Term was slim to none

Due to her on going battle

With lupus. Despite the

Odds they up against

They took a leap of faith

And god blessed them with

A baby anyway.

With her first sonogram

They told them the news

Their baby wasn’t growing

Like it’s suppose

Too. They

Were told the

Baby has a  1 and 5 %

Chance of survival.

They were given

The choice to abort

The pregnancy

But they refused

They said this little

Life she was carrying

Inside her was apart of both

Of them and a blessing

from god! So they were ask

They come to the hospital every other

Day. To make sure the baby’s

Heart was still beat. they already

Also had been told that when the

Baby was born it would more

Then likely be dead, or not

Live for more then a hour

After coming into this

World. At 26 weeks

Baby Zoë`

Came kicking her way into this

World! Smaller then a

Barbie with the

Odds still against

Her in every way.

She made and today

She’s 5 months weighs 8lbs

Perfectly healthy a true Marcle


Jul 5th 2006

This story of baby Zoë is

A true testament

That marcles

Do happen everyday

All over this world!

I hope the people

They read this poem/story

I wrote about baby Zoë journey into

This world will be as touched by her story

As I am!

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History of the Dark Island

In the world between shadows and light was wherei once dwelled, forever lost in the gray swirling mist that was my jail.  I looked into the daylight as was looked at with disdain, so into the shadows i retreated to hide away my pain.  I wandered aimlessly, always moving, never knowing a place to call home, until that fatefulled day, when the Queen of Darkness was made known.  At first I was afraid of her and kept myself at bay, but little by little I ventured forth to hear what she would say.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is mostly about a group of co workers

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Gentling Soul

Cowboy Poetry

I walked outside of the ranch house on an early summer's hot Texas morn. The air was picking up the scent of sagebrush and swirling it around my senses. I set my tincup of joe on the porch railing and took my long black hair in my hands, working it into one braid down my back. The land was just waking up too and all was awashed in a glorious sunrise scene. I stood there at the coral fence, watching the mares nudging their foals, still on their wobbly legs. I reached into my skirt pocket for their sugary treats and walked towards the coral. The horses never failed to enjoy their peppermint and horehound treats they knew could always be found in my palm.

While Breeze, my favorite riding mare, was lipping her treat from my hand, a movement from the corner of my eye, turned my head. That's when I saw him the first time...There outside the bunkhouse...stood the most handsomest and rugged cowboy I had ever seen. "He must be new to the outfit." I whispered to myself..."For certain I would have noticed HIM before.-Curly must have hired him on."

Since daddy died a few years back, leaving the ranch and 85 acres of land to me, I had pretty much left the hiring of the hands to Curly, our long-trusted foreman.

My lips became suddenly dry as I licked them moist, watching him stretch his lanky limbs towards the West Texas sky. He turned his head towards me then and stopped mid-stretch as though as taken-aback as were I. he gave a lazy grin my way, nodded and touched the brim of his Stetson in greeting. I smiled back and gave a bit of a nod in his direction. Boldly, he started to stroll over my way. "Mornin' maam" he drawled out, and put one booted foot up on the rail. "You sure do have some beauties here" he said, nodding towards the coraled brood.

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