Who Will Help The Little Girl?

Who will help the little girl?

Fairytales she believes.

Who will help the little girl?

Not letting her childhood leave.

Who will help the little girl?

Living in a world of pain.

Who will help the little girl?

Witnessing things over again.

Who will help the little girl?

Watching the world change.

Who will help the little girl?

Not letting herself age.

Who will help the little girl?

Crying for the world.

Who will help the little girl?

Never speaking a word.

Who will help the little girl?

Trapped inside of me.

Who will help the little girl?

Who just wants to be set free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It was English Homework.

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nothing right

i feel like i can't
do a damn thing right
if i ran away
would anyone care
probable not
who could care
about an annoying
little bitch like me

everything i do is wrong
when will i learn
to stop pushing people away

i really just want
to run away. i feel that
i am not capable of having
friends or a boyfriend

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Melodic Lies


My words drip out of my mouth

and hit the floor with full speed.

Gravity takes over and shatters

any truth that is held in those words.

I trained those lips to produce

there is no one quite like myself.

Every syllable lingers

while every sy-la-ble rushes me.

Watch as I lull you into your own doom,

Newton isn't quick enough to catch me.

After all,

Lies float better.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lies aren't always caught

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Feeling Crapy

Life Sucks!

at times it does

Life Sucks



maybe its Gods way of showing me that im not in charge

all the time

i just wish i could get over it

the feeling of being alone!

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Pending on life of darkness.

Book 6

I can feel my self changing.

Something dark is in me.

Cant anyone help stop this.

I feel life is fading

I feel it all over me.

I don’t know how to handle this.

Cant you believe it.

Something is in me! Something!

I cant fell my own skin.

Cant you see it?

This darkness in me! Killing!

Will this split open my skin?

Will this be the end?

It’s all over me. Me!!

Go away! I don’t want this!

This is no friend.

No friend of the flesh or me!!

Tell me will this end, will this!

I cant feel my body.

I cant just let go.

Can you help me!!

Is this a curse of my body?

Is this from not letting go?

Is this truly me!!

I can fell it tearing away

I cant move or stop it.

I cant believe this. I love me!!

I truly love myself!!

I don’t care about religion

I believe in the power of self.

I don’t care about pity.

I don’t care about pain.

I care about life.

I don’t care about money.

I will truly never gain

Gain this wonderful life.

This darkness spreading in me.

It peals at my soul.

Cant you see what this is?

It is growing and changing me!

It is my soul!!

What is this?!

I am scared of this madness.

This growing shadow in me!

This is my End!

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Destined To Fail

Destined to Fail

I'm a sceptic its not hard to see

Don't believe that good things happen to me

Don't believe I deserve them, though my biggest need

Deserve to be unhappy, do I need to be cleansed?

Unholy blasphemous evil runs through my head

When its cold lonely and dark

When my demons come out to play

With my head and with my heart

I'm destined to fail myself all the time

The strength I hold is all in the mind

I support all the others and help their lifes

But I cant help my own, without a knife

I'm losing the fight I'm having with life

Far too much dark, not enough light

Drained of all I once held dear

My sight is now hazy, when once it was clear

Why is it so hard

To just live life?

Myself and others including

Where blood letting is rife

Pressure builds needs to release

Emotional no, but physical yes

Scars, blood and blades

Play a big part of life

For the ones caught up

With using the knife


By The Hopeless Writer


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"Return Address"

Sex lives like exotic fish

Dimmed lights spark tender violence

Quite a risk to even glimpse a touch

Never before has she needed it so much

Anticipation arouses passionate markings

A lost art carved into human skin

You're caught up in the moment

So go slow

It'll never

You hope

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The Mask I Wear

My Life

It's the mask I wear

, I fool everyone

, but myself

, but can't keep it much longer

, it's eating me from the inside out

, it feels like this monster is trying to get out of me

, but has no way out, people know but do they know the real me or the mask I wear everyday

, It feels like I can't breathe anymore

, I want to scream from the roof tops the truth

, but something inside of me says no

, they will never understand the real me

, The me i am proud of

, for they say they love God but what does that really mean

, they say they won't judge

, but see I can't live in fear anymore

, I have to let go the demons that taunt me every second of every minute of every hour of everyday

, but you see there's things that I can't say

, there's things I can't do out of fear that they will find out of this mask I wear everyday

, but who am I trying to runaway from me

, or them

, cause can't you see I'm afraid that if they find out the full truth they won't love me anymore

, It's the mask I wear

, I fool everyone

, but myself

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Alls Well In Love and War

Alls Well In Love And War

A shroud of depression

Comes tumbling down

Consuming the people

From all around

War is favoured over love nowadays

They say love is dated

And that crime

It Pays

Fallout of love

Powders the world

While bombs are launched

Thrown and hurled

Alls well in love and war they said

But war is alive

And love

Is Dead

By the Hopeless Writer

PM Jarvis

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