Red Blood Scarred Memories


All I Remember Is Empty Promises
How Can I Pretend
That I See Everything Clearly
I Can't Even See It Through My Eyes
I've Reaped All Of The Pain
And Even After Loving You
I Could Never Be The Same
It Was Never About What I Believed
It Was About What You've Already Given Me
When You Look Me Through Your Eyes


I Could Never Cry The Same
Can You See My Soul?
Can You Recognize My Heart?
I've Been Caught With The Promises
Lost In The Forgotten Memories
That I Don't Know Of
I Can't Think Of
Because I've Left Them Behind
How Can I Say I'm Thankful
When I Don't Even Remember Any Of It


I Could Never Feel All Your Pain
What I've Felt
I Don't Remember
I Try Not To Remember
But Already, I've Forgotten Myself
I Lost Count Of The Tears
I Can't Seem To Remember The Good
Because All I Remember Is
Is Not What Was Meant To Be


It Wasn't By Fate
It Was More Wishful Thinking
It Was My Sword Drawn To My Neck
How Can I Recognize The Cure
When I All I See Is My Blood
All Of This Pain Flowing Inside


I Can't Remember
I Don't Know
Because I Think I Don't Care
I Don't Want To Not Care
But I Forgot About The Importance Of Love
It Felt Like I've Lost Myself In The River


Incinerated I Can't Feel My Skin
I Can't Ignore My Soul
Even Though I'm Far From Pure
Sentimental I Don't Know What I Feel
Because Every Nudge I Stab
It Leaves A Mark
And When I Try To Erase It
It Replaces The Mark
With A Scar
A Scar I Cannot Remove


But I Can Tell You
That The Scar You Are Seeing
Is What Made Me Stronger
It's What Reminds Me
Of What I've Experienced
The Pain I've Felt
The Struggles I've Endured
And Even Though I Can't Say
I'm Learning From My Mistakes
I Have Better Insight Of Mistakes
Then I Once Had
Prior To My Scars

Heartfelt Love


You Would Not Believe
If I Asked You A Simple Question
You Could Wish For Anything
Everything Of Within Wealth Dreams


Beyond Demand Or Desire
Souvenir Or Offer Of Time
That If I Asked You
Would You Rather Have
A Date At The Most Expensive Restaurant
Or A Man That Cooks Your Meal From His Heart
I'll Be Here To Heal Your Pain


If I Told You There's Nothing You Could Give Me
That Would Mean More To Me
Than To Spend Time With Someone You Loved
Nothing More Than Being With Someone
Someone Who Calms Your Heart
Someone Who Soothes Your Soul
Someone Who Eases All Of The Pain
Pain That Seemed To Last Forever
Would Last Less Than A Blink

I'll Be Here To Heal Your Heart


There Would Be No Gift Beyond Expense
That Would Make Me Any More Happier
Than Just Being With Someone
Someone Who Makes You Happy
Being By Them Warms Your Insides
Snuggling With Them Calms Your Heart
Please Stay Here For While


Someone Who Values You More Than A Person
Who Looks Beyond The Appearance Of Beauty
Looking Beyond Your Skin, Hair, Or Body Display
But Loves You From Your Heart Inside Out
Please Stay For The Moment


You Can Stay Right Next To Me
You Can Sit Right Next To Me
And Cuddle Right Beside Me
Snuggle Close By My Arms
You Don't Need To Say A Word
I Won't Say A Word Either
Because You're Cute
You're So Adorable
And You're So Beautiful
With Those Sparkling Eyes
Please Stick Around


This Moment Feels So Calm
It's So Quiet Here
I Might Have The Thought Of Music
The Thought Of Tuning On Orchestra Music
But Maybe I'll Just Stay Quietly Here
Right Beside You And Keep You Happy Here
Just Stay Here For A While
My Dear Cute Love
Please Stay Here With Me

Breaking Deceptive Glass


The Second Wind
Comes Against Your Face
Brushes On Your Skin
Why Does It Feel So Bad To Do
But Yet I Feel So Good
Bring Pain Into My Heart


I Used To Think It Was Forever
I Thought It Would Last A Life Time
But Sometimes You Just Don't Know The End
Sometimes You Just Don't The Story
And Sometimes You Just Don't Their Reason


It Feels Like So Much Resentfulness
So Much Hidden Cognitive Energy
Why Do You Feel The Need To Bring It
Why Does The Subconscious Feel So Real


The Day I Told You
It Would Never Come To An End
But Here Lies Your Old Promise
It Just Falls Apart

There's No Pieces To Pick Up
And I Know It Wasn't Intentional
I Know It Wasn't Intended
But Yet I Feel Forced To Feel Indifferent
Yet I Feel Misguided And Wrong
Unbearable And Unforgiving


Will The Rain Fall Faster Than Your Tears
You Lost Me At It Was Meant To Be
You Lost Me With Your Given Thoughts
Why Do You Bring It To Existence
Why Do You Bring It Up
Just To Waste It Away Again
This Isn't A Time For Reason
This Isn't Just For The Moment
But You Bring It To The Ground
You Brought It To An End

Into The Red Zone

Here....I Am Falling Fast
I Am Covered With Your Hate
I Am Covered With Your Blame
Why Can't You See The Blood
Why Can't You See The Pain


Do You Hear Me Now
Do You See Me Now
Do You See This Gaping Wound
Can You See I Can't Escape This Pain
I Can't Undo What I've Done
Can't You See Me Now

But Can You Hear Me Now


Can't You See Me Bleeding
Can't You See This Healing
I Am Covered In  Blood
I Am Covered With Pain
When It Goes Through
Inside And Out
You Lose You Head


Much Does It Hurt?
Does It Hurt That Much?
It May Numb You
Give Up The Fight


But If You Wanna Fight
You Don"t Want To Start With Me
If You Wanna Fight
You Don't Want To Test Me

Totally Unreal


Everything I Leave In a Line
Everything I Say, You Think It's a Lie
We Are The Ones That You Hate
We Are The Ones That You Blame
We Are The Ones That You Despise
We Are The Ones That You Shun


You Can Accuse Me Of Individuality
Strip Me Of My Dignity
Blame Me Of My Originality
Hate Me Of My Sentimentality
Extract Me Of Reality
Rip Me Of My Liberty


My Conviction Is Beyond Unreal
Never Hide Yourself
Never Compromise
Never Lower Your Value

What You Tell Me
What You're Saying
Everything You Say I Am
Up Until The End
It's All About What I'm Not

Not Until You're Dying

You Can Dream And You Can Pretend
Something You're Not Really
You Can Act Like You Don't Know
You Can Say You Feel Nothing
Pretend You're Something Special
But I See Right Through You


I Cannot Understand Your Inferiority
Can't You See It's Hurting You
Its Bruising You
And It's Confusing You


I Think It's Time
It's Time For Change
So Change The Page
ButIf The Weight Stops You
And If It Takes Forever
I Will Bleed Trying
I Will Die Dying


Say I Won't
And Say I Can't
I Know You're Just Bluffing
I Know You Aint Trying
One Step Forward Seems To Far
One Step Backward Seems So Easy

But I'll Tell You One Thing
There's No Turning Back
No Plan To Change
No Time For Remorse
No Buts And No Quits
No Stopping Until You're Dying

Full Of Sky

Various Objects

Sky Interpretation

As Dark As The Dim Clouds
As Damp As The Cold Clouds
As Blurry As The Opaque Clouds
As Mystical As The Snowy Clouds
As Bright As The Shining Light
As Luminous As The Colorful Rainbow


The Solid Force Of The Hail
The Liquid Drops Of The Rain
The Gas Mist Of The Fog
The Intense Gust Of The Wind
The Solid Liquid Magic Of The Snowflakes
The Transparent Hue Rays Of The Light


Thunderstorms That Can Shock
Rainstorms That Can Downpour
Floods That Can Drown
Tornadoes That Can Whirl
Blizzards That Can Freeze
Rainbows That Can Shimmer

Never Mess With My Spirit

Various Objects

Bro If You Wanna Go
You Better Take Another Look
Cause If What You See
Isn't Enough To Convince You
Then You Better Change Things Up


I'm Not Using My Strength
For Reasons To Beat Others
Or To Put Other People Down
I Use It To Protect The People I Love


But When You Cross The Line Of My Spirit
And You Start Hurting My People
You Go And You Break Their Hearts
And You Hurt Their Feelings


I Will Throw The Fight To You
So You Better Bring Your Flame On
Cause I'm Rocking This Collage
To Get Some Sense Into You


No You Ain't Gonna Touch Me
You Try To Throw A Punch At Me
You Gonna Find A Crack In Your Arm
Fierce Knee To The Chest
And A Crushed Face To The Ground

Breathe Into Life

Erasing The Clock
Turn The Knob
Feels Like No More Scars
Why Can't I Recognize Anymore
Can't I See I Can't Do This Alone
Why Do I Remind Myself
I'm Fighting This Alone
I'll Take A Stab At The Problem


One More Time
Because I Know I Won't Turn Away
Heart Attack In A Shell
Feels Like A Bruise On My Knee
Why'd I Do That Again
Can't Always Keep Looking Down
Just Lift My Head Into The Sky
You're Giving Me A Headache
My Hearts Beating
Like A Broken Radio
One More Time
I Just Need To
Look At The Clouds


The Lights Are Fading
Because Times Are Changing
Why Can't I Pick Up These Pieces
Because I've Seen Enough
Why Can't I Ever Stop
As I Feel My Soul Is Going Overdrive
Before I Enter The Twilight
Why Do You Strip Me
Excuse Me Of My Abnormality
Of Course Its Brutality
Can't You Understand The Morality


Its In Your Mind
Its In Your Spirit
Help Is Just A Prayer Away
Just Kneel And Pray Away