Death and the Crow


The smell of the dying and the dead that littered the streets had become so overwhelming, the plague itself almost became a forgotten thing, next to the walls of decay. Body stacked on body; miles of arms and legs, and the crows and worms both living and dead that were left as a testament to the plague's power. Even the chemical masks that had been scavenged from the dead, did little to hold back the putrid stench of death. There are many stumbling blocks on the road to salvation.

Words of cold hope, found at an abandoned camp


No one knows what infected the world; no one came to true understanding. Some said it was the eclipse, darkening the earth, breaking down an invisible wall of protection that kept us safe from the dangers of the universe, others claimed it to be a biological weapon; made by the hands of man, created to thin an overcrowded population, or perhaps a weapon of war that was never meant to see the outside world. Whatever the theory, whatever the claim; before we even knew what was happening, death had blown her cold kiss over every nation, every state, every part of the world, and there was nothing to stop it. Every effort failed. All of man's ability was not enough. The world had never felt such punishment before or likely will again. In the grip of this we are still; waiting and hoping; living each day with faith we will see the day after. In our faith we are still seeking the path to salvation.

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Trapped within the crowd,
Swarmed by people,
you are just
another nameless
face in the crowd.


Aimlessly walking
without a purpose,
you go
with the flow
just as a river
flows to its source.


Headed towards
the light,
Footsteps approach
your final destination.


Verse 2:
The sky is crying,
crying out
just for you.


Will you be
another face
in the crowd?
Or will you
make your
name known?


Moving forward
into time,
your hands
create the
world beyond
your fingertips.
Say a prayer:
For, you are
God's creation.

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Every Screw

i'm going to climb to the highest mountain and catch a ride on a shooting star.
i'm going to to ride it until it falls, until it falls.
i'll ride this high until i crash and burn.
up i go with no safety net; no hopes or dreams to catch.
i'll never accept i can't shine.

bring me a peice of the sun.
close out this darkness.
hold back your criticism.
i don't need an activist.
i won't reject you if you'll just let me go.

i lost it back there.
i keep climbing stairs to nowhere.
my heart is smoking a special blend of fears.
the devil told me God didn't want me, but yesterday an angel smiled at me.
somewhere between my destruction and my salvation has got what i need to know.

buy me a teflon soul.
let my nervous system reboot.
i didn't need a preacher.
opinions are freely given, but cost me all i hold dear.
i'm dancing across our history.
i feel like newly fallen snow my dog just shit on.
you never could let me slide.
you have to tighten every screw in my mind.

i can't forget the seeds you sow.
my mind reeks of your touch.
all your sick ideas continue to grow.
i got weed whacker in a shot glass.
i'll cure this affliction.
i'll down the poison until it kills your memory in my reflection.

i say crazy things and i mean them.
i deal in quantum madness.
mulitply me by my sadness.
the blackhole i've swallowed is turning me into you.
God forbid if there are two!

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In all honesty...

Listen. Look inwardly, and just listen very carefully. And look intently at who you are, look deeply into yourself - beyond what is superficial, beyond what is obvious and take account of what lies beyond that. Your soul.

Are you doing well? Are you hurting? Is their bitterness at God, or at a friend, or even an enemy? Are you really okay, right now, and could you be content if this moment was your very last on this earth?

If you see something you don’t like (and this will come to be), then you have a human condition known as brokenness, and you are in good company. Well, “good” would be perhaps the wrong way to put it - we are very bad at being “good” to each other and to ourselves and to God. Often, we fail at this. The room gets dark, moods go south, and ever so deeply we know that something isn’t right. We sin - we step out of light into darkness, we walk from life to death, our words do not bless but rather curse.

So, what is the meaning of it all, that somethings be judged as sinful, and others anything but? How can there be such a Law without a Lawgiver? Jump off a cliff, and by gravity you will fall to your death; and so does the sum of our curse words, our jealousies and hate, and our many other damaging ways lead to no other end than death. That’s a serious claim, but really think about it. Search your heart. Do you feel the need to be changed, the need to be delivered?

So listen. Really try, and pray to God you see clearly - God’s on your side, and wants to help you. In fact, He’s got an answer for these problems - Jesus Christ died so you won’t face death (I’m not talking about a physical death). We need to learn to humbly take Jesus Christ as Lord (as Master, for whom our life is given to) and Savior (as the one who atones for our sins by himself dying, though we ourselves should feel the consequence).

I know this isn’t popular or pleasant to hear. But I care enough about you that I want you to know it. This is the Good News of the Christians, that you find new life and are in fact a new man, not doomed to the weightiness of death. Though the entire world run against you, will you trust Jesus Christ to have conquered death? And do you want more than a mission to live on earth and make gains, only to lose them when you die? Are you willing to accept the adoption into God’s family? Are you okay with God being with you everyday to encourage you, His indwelling Spirit living in you?

I’m telling you, as one who struggles with life many days, its worth everything to me.

Eternity Has Ended to Bring Forth New Hope

Passionately, a dull antenna stares West
as if expecting some request or remark
from exhumed, gaseous forms designed for
mindless entertainment.
It masturbated until the break of dawn
when all her hair fell.

This is what decreased your fatalities and
drove the crazy sane.
Dig my head into sand to prevent loss of thought through
absorption into your stagnant life from whence nothing returns.
With me I bring salvation for all,
but only imagination for some.
Share these words with your brethren so the
gregarious, gentle beasts may rest under the
blaze of a heat lamp casting down upon skin
with renditions of beauty creating fur as it
glides across Earth for an instant.

Eternity has ended to bring forth new hope.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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Oh Lord


Oh precious Lord
Your love sustains us
Your ways give us peace
We long for your touch
We love you so much.

Even when I don't see
When I'm asleep you dance over me
When I'm asleep you sing over me

How I yearn to be where you are
Oh Lord touch us today
Give us strength to keep going and keep giving

Keep us under your wings
When I fly I will fly home to you
Your my one true love
To you I give my all

Keep loving us
For your love sustains us

Written By Betty Bolden
Jesus is my joy Ministries

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Volume One







My heart seeks Redemption

my mind for Salvation

and no matter what I do, will never bring it back

My life, my hope, Turned deadly black



No where left to hide

No where left to run

It's all been said, it's all been done, It's just the same as before

How lonely I am

How hurt I've been

and it's just a haunting memory



So it's all about my Redemption

fighting death's sweet temptation

it's a mystery, death has but one answer

that life is just one big cancer

We struggle day by day

and every night you go to bed and pray

but this is what I have to say



"It's a battle for my Redemption

for a Life I never wanted, and constantly being haunted

I was in the wrong place, wrong time

suffering from someone else's crime

So I see it like this

It's a fight to stay alive, It's a battle to survive

It's my bitter, bitter Redemption."





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(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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