I stand there, waving

these people I once knew


they don't wave back

they just look ahead

never looking

never lisining

to my crys

my crys of sorrow

for never knowing

knowing what has happened

happened to these people

these people I once knew

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Why Let It Suffer?

Everyone should get the chance to live

Live to the fullest

Like everything

Animals, plants, and humans

Why does God take puppies?

Or why does he make them suffer

He should just take them

It makes me want to cry

When I see a puppy suffering

Or when they are going to die

Why do I have to see it?

Why can’t I walk away from it?

I would rather not see it

I would rather it have a life

Why does it have to go?


Because it brings sorrow

When it suffers

God just take it

Or don’t let it suffer

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about a puppy which was a chihuahua about maybe 3 days old and he was born with a hole in his stomach and he was suffering and it was sad!   But that same day that I wrote this the dog died that night with the owner!

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Will You Go On?

Afraid to live,

Afraid to die,

To weak to laugh,

To strong to cry.

I walk alone,

I cannot trust,

I will not hurt

The love I must.

I reach for help,

I pull away,

I'll let you in,

But not to stay.

You're in my heart,

You're in my head,

Will you go on

When I am dead?

Afraid to live,

Afraid to die,

To weak to laugh,

To strong to cry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for a dying man, who is very close to my heart.

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To A Sea Gull on Eau Gallie Causeway

Copyright 12/14/00

The gull kneels in the turn lanes as if to pray.

Cars zoom by, but yet he stays.

Is he telling the world good bye?

Is this why, he will not fly?

What brought him to this spot,

A lost love or broken heart?

Or was he resting his tattered wings

Oblivious to the danger he was in.

We shall never know what brought him here.

This poem is to him, the poor dear.

I hope he finds that which he seeks,

Before a car upon him havoc wreaks.

Goodbye, my feathered friend,

I hope this is not your end.

If it is, may you not suffer.

As your life ends, may your pain be over.

Later on that day,

I passed back that way

And my feathered friend

Had indeed, met his end.

Now only a pile of feathers and mush

Marked the spot where he was.

Freed of these mortal chains

Now his soul soars over heavenly plains.

I am sad that you have gone away,

But happy you are in heaven to stay.

Soaring with the angels on high

One more time my friend...goodbye.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a sea gull that looked as though it was nesting in the turn lane of the Eau Gallie Causeway.

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I finished my solos...

silence rang...

no applouse?

no nothing?

no encouragement...

sadness fills me...

time wasted...


no applouse...

no encouragement...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I felt so depressed after my performance at a church because no one apploused at my solos even tho they were perfect. : (

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