Warmth Of Another Kind (Purple)

And as the vibrant blue fades I see this deep shade of purple encircle me.

Overpowering my mind with this overwhelming warmth of another kind.

It's as though The vibrant blue was a poison that left me blind


But finally I see through you vibrant blue,

And it's this heartwarming shade of purple, All I see is you.

Concealing my mind from any other hue,

Your pleasant shade of pure purple heals me,

Giving me a second chance to see.

All darkness fades and a new light from the purple remains.

The vibrant blue completely distains.


Purple, I don't know if your kind intentions are true,

but all of this,

is an ode to you.

Thank you,

for stealing me away from the vibrant blue.

Restoring the feeling to my bones,

The color to my face,

Bringing my life to a moderate pace.


- The Lazarus


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kind of a part 2 to Vibrant Blue.

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