Still Be the Same

Break Ups


With every breath

I feel like life

Has slipped away

Thinkin there's nothin left

So I'm drowning today

In a pool of tears

Too much to see

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Dreams Never Come True

Break Ups


I used to think it was us.

I used to think it was you.

But now all I can think

Is dreams never come true.

Was it me, Baby?

Was it no use?

Is there a reason

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'10 Candy Corn


Candy Corn

A prominent combination of colors guide your eyes to a certain direction
There you savored your scrumptious prize out of all the stores selection

I watched you breathe as your body and your face gestured an O M G!
"An amazing sight develops as if a climax seemed near from, a candy?"

One by one you toss in your mouth as you roll your eyes in gratification
Later I learned of your true love for the taste, then came lolly amputation

No questions to why you only devour the yellow, disposing of the rest
"Have to add it must be the taste and color your mouth wants to molest"

I smiled, humored in my head, watching, as you relished in sugar elation
Biting away then licking your lips, staring me down as your next selection

And there I go, closer to you, knowing I can't compete with those confections
So, kisses I steal, punish your sultry lips, all this during your sweet obsession

What a provocative event, "beholding" a candy liable for this steaming hearty stir...
"I am the yellow, your are the white, the orange is our love, which holds us together"

© David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, I'm a clown. Must be a hell of a candy corn...

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I never thought I’d meet my soul mate,
I didn’t believe anyone could love me,
But the day I met you,
I saw an Angel, and thought he was lost.

The sparkle in your eyes,
Sexy coy smile you made when looking secretly at me,
Kindness I could feel in your heart,
I felt loved by you before we started going out.

I couldn’t believe how sweet you were,
The kindness and love radiated like a beacon,
My head swam with thoughts of you,
My senses over powered with your sweet smell.

I felt a magic spark in our first hug,
Our first kiss felt too good to be real,
Soft lips pressed against mine,
I felt like I was in heaven.

I was so happy cuddling you on my bed,
The first ‘I LOVE YOU’ sounded so right,
It still sounds right now,
My love for you has grown so much.

Each kiss still feels like heaven,
Each cuddle feels just right,
I found my soul mate, one and only true love,
I found my Miracle, and I love him!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For My Stuey!

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The Road

Ugonna Wachuku



You are the road.
I am the seeker.
Then, show me
the way.  


You are the river.
I am the boat.
Then, float me to
the head-waters.


You are the wind.
I am the eagle.
Then, glide me to
towering clouds and
unseen mountain tops.


You are the rain.
I am the flower.
Then, give me water
to grow.


You are the flower.
I am the butterfly.
Then let me touch
your ripe, blue bud
with a kiss.


You are the tree.
I am humankind.
Then, show me how
to climb.


Remember, you are the
road. I am the seeker.
Then show me the way.


You are angel.
Then show me heaven.
Yet, you are the road.
I am the simple seeker.  


The Road  


~ Critiques/Comments ~ 


Gwendrina Howe

Dear Ugonna,  again, this poem brings me truth and spiritual pleasure. "You are the road, I am the seeker" - how wonderfully stated! Your analogies are drawn from the depth and simplicity of nature's beauty to make the reader enlightened by this path of knowledge. This verse fills me with deep peace and renewed hope. Thank you, Wendy


Helen Schmidt

A lovely poem, Ugonna!  You illustrate so clearly how interdependent the various aspects of life are upon one another. We are always searching for answers, and so many of them lie in nature. Beautiful words!  



Rachelle Wiegand

Came here from your interview with Deborah, Ugonna :) Wonderful interview, wonderful poetics!  Thank you for sharing!!  :)


Ken Corbett

This is my favorite work of yours, so far. You are skilled at using the small words to great advantage.

The pictures you paint here are clear and strong.  



Tim / manatee Marshall 

HI~like we said in the hipie days (HEAVY MAN) lol A+,your writings are like songs and i'm using what someone told me 

it plays at the very best time to go along with what i'm already thinking simular thoughts of,thank you

2002-05-02 17:10:48  


Netta Jack

Love the simplicity yet deep message in this piece. Very nice work. Thanks for sharing.

2003-01-21 18:21:18


Jayati Gupta

Man seeks God provides! Wonderful poems you write.

2004-09-27 14:41:41  


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Here are Your Roses

Ugonna Wachuku   


I am back to you again.
I am here once again to
let you know my thoughts:


On moonlit roads to home
and yesterday, you walk
to the beat of my heart.
And I too walk to the
beat of your humane


On lush landscapes of new
love and hopeful life, you
plant rainbow colours on
clouds of my being.


Tomorrow, when soaring
eagles meet us on the
mountain top, you shall
lovingly ask me:


"Where are my roses?";
and I will gladly say:
Here are your roses,


Here are your roses 

~ Critiques/Comments ~    


Valerie Jochum

Ugonna, you have such a unique way of writing.  Your expression will lead anyone who reads it to believe, it was written just for them.  So lovely!  


Renee' Quinn

such wonderfully colorful words....  my favorite line would have to be...  clouds of my being.....  that is a fantastic line.....  


Farah D

I had to read this after your comments re- my poem and the link you left! and I am stunned! this poem is the "other side" of mine! beautifully and expressively written!! Thank you so much for the link you left! or I might have never discovered this wonderful piece of writing!  


Teresa jacobs

I love the line, "On moonlit roads to home and yesterday, you walk to the beat of my heart", ahhh, so romantic. Once again you have managed to gather my feelings and captivate them with your wonderful style of writing. I am so intriuged by your words and savor eveything about them. The stories they reveal give meaning to life and the essence of your soul. Thank you for sharing. 


Deborah Russell

There is great human compassion expressed here. Anyone could be "beautiful one" and that leaves me to visualize this window to world of love in purist concept. Great writing. 


Myra Lochner

Ugonna, Giver of Roses ...  Here is a rose for you too:  HAIKU  fragrance of the soul painted in purple and pink stemmed on Life's green  Myra Sun  


Rosemary Basil

Ugonna, your poems are pure light words dancing in a dark world. Thank you for sharing and for signing at my site!  


2002-03-06 21:13:59


Misty Lackey

here are your roses beautiful one, what more would any woman want to hear but these words from a guy. wow, you sure have words to melt a heart and send it into passion. 

2002-04-23 16:29:48



dear uggona  

beautiful words as always 

2002-05-11 07:47:16


Judy Costea




You make the reader feel as though they are the one in the poem. I love the way you bring my heart and mind into your poetry, as though i could be on this path and journey enjoying life and love with you. You have such a beautiful way of expressing all that is around you and making me see it all so colorful and close to the heart. 

You are truly a man of many talents. 

Thank you for giving your beautiful gift of poetry to us all.   



2003-01-24 09:59:41


Lesa Gay 


Thank you for the roses Ugonna! 


As many that have already commentd on this, I too agree that your work always draws me

into it as if you were writing directly to my soul. It is always such a pleasure to visit your site.

I am sorry the hour is so late or I would stay longer. 


I will be back soon to read more of the person that is you. 


My love, 


2003-02-04 03:33:22 


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