Medicinal Scribble

A rhyme is deciphered in multiple ways,
            Perception is vital,
                           As is the length of one’s daze,
The spelling of words can hold meanings construed,
              Making some rhymes sound different
                             If heard, and not viewed.

Inflections on words can be easily read,
            Better yet, when expressed from the heart…
                                      …(not the head).

A title can mimic the gist of the rhyme,
            Or take one on a journey
                             Through eons of time.

One thing is for sure about all that you’ve read,
           When we touch with our heart,
                           And reveal in our head,
What we feel becomes worth something more when expressed,
            On a piece of plain paper,
                          In truth or in jest!

You see, when stagnant feelings are held in the chest,
            The results of this could be your worst or your best,

Transformed feelings have less chance to become,
            Heart attacks that would otherwise
                           End lives of some.



© 2002

Title change  2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thoughts on paper...purges the toxins. Ahhhh...


Books keep me safe
I can not be hurt between the pages
Book let me be me
No one can say no or stop
Books let my mind travel
I go to lands of magic and heroes
Books let me know
That someday my story will be told

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Coffee Shop from Behind a Book



I stole a glance from behind my book


as she entered through coffee shop doors


I retreated back to my words and read


in between the lines


as she returned with a look of curiosity -


and I thought to myself...


how I would never forget those eyes.



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Tea and Sugar

I can't stop seeing my bittersweet fantasies
Seeing what I want but not really having it
I can feel my heart strings playing themselves and realizing their is no music coming out
Sometimes I wonder if it's better to not have dreamed at all
And not realizing what I can't have
But how can we not dream?
The day we live our dream is the day we can truly stop dreaming
I just want to live in a sunset, under all the perfect conditions and feel the waves crash against my feet over the boardwalk dock
All the while spilling my secrets to the someone beside me
And to hold it all still
Yet here I am awake, because I would much rather spend my time making my dreams come as close to possible,
Than to keep that bittersweet heartache
Than to keep dreaming

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes I dream, and my dreams are more prescious than any poem I can write. I hope you can see my poem just as a dream.

One Heart to another - Don't accept second best.

Find me because you have searched for someone like me,
Not because you lost someone else before and stumbled upon me.
Want me because there is no one else you want but me,
Not because you are not wanted by someone else.
Be with me because there’s no one you'd rather be than with than me,
Not because someone else was busy or turned you down.
Smile with me because you’re happy and you can laugh with me,
Not because your hiding your feelings for someone else.
Understand me because you take the time to listen to me,
Not because you just accept what I say, while thinking of someone else
Fall for me because you are willing to let go for me,
Not because you happened to trip in to my arms instead of someone else’s
Trust in me because everything I say you believe in me,
Not because you have not yet found an alternative answer by someone else.
Be there for me because bad things sometimes happens to me,
Not because you’re in trouble yourself, and no one else is there for you.
Care for me because you want to take care of me,
Not because someone else does not want to care of you.
Live with me because you want to make a home with me,
Not because you have no one else’s house to live.
Make love with me to express how you feel for me,
Not because you just needed to feel loved by someone else.
Love me because you have never felt this way but for me,
Not because you do not get the same love back from someone else.
Marry me because you realise all of the above is true,
Not because it's just something you want to do.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Was at a wedding and was inspired by the readings, The poem is from my personal experiences, where my true love left me but has carried on wanting me however not enough to leave the the other person. This poem goes through each stages of the relationship to make sure that the person wanting your attention is for the right reasons. ...My first poem I have ever posted!