বৃষ্টির মত

বৃষ্টির মত শীতল পরশ বুকে নিয়ে,

রংধনুর মত নিখুঁত হয়ে,

যদি কখনও তোমার জীবনে আসতে পারতাম,

তবে নিজেকে ধন্য মনে করতাম!

পৃথিবী যেমন বৃষ্টির প্রতিটি ফোঁটাকে,

ভালোবেসে রাখে জড়িয়ে বুকে,

আমাকেও রেখো তেমনি করে,

তোমার নরম কোমল বাহুডোরে।


বৃষ্টি পড়ে বলেই কবিতা লিখি,

বৃষ্টি পড়ে বলেই বৃষ্টির মাঝে তোমায় দেখি!

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বৃষ্টির নাচন

বৃষ্টি পড়ে অঝোর ধারায়,

মোহিনীর মত নৃত্য করে মন মাতায়,

মাঝে মাঝে মনে হয় মানুষের মত,

কষ্টের এবং সুখের কান্না কি আছে আকাশেরও?


বৃষ্টির নাচন দেখি আর শিশুর মত মুগ্ধ হই,

বৃষ্টির সৌন্দর্যে নিজেকে ভাসাবো না এমন বোকা আমি নই,

বৃষ্টির সাথে আমার সম্পর্ক অনেক পুরনো,

বৃষ্টির প্রেমে পড়েনি যে, বৃষ্টির মর্ম বুঝবে না সে কোনোদিনও!


হে বৃষ্টি! ঝরো, ঝরতেই থাকো অবিরাম,

তোমার তরে আমার এ মনপ্রাণ সঁপে দিলাম!

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Quench the thirst of dying Earth
Great chasms of interlocking spider-webbed
fractures platforming horizon. 
Sun blistered and writhing. 
Free your brittle skeleton 
and sandblasted.
Snarling hiss of wind ripped barren.
Your Freedom exists
swelling within the infinite timeless power
of thunderbolt storm-cloud rain-dance.
Quench the thirst of dying Earth 
  penetrate each bliss-filled fiber
Thirsting endlessly for their saving grace.
Never forever.
Then up the spout again.   
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Summer of Love (song lyrics/acoustic guitar)

Song Lyrics


*acoustic guitar*(capo 2nd fret_Em_A_D)
Your music fills my heart like a symphony
Your kiss intoxicating like wine
   the fire of passion is burning .....baby..
burning bright in your eyes.
  Run away with me baby
We could live ocean side
And sleep underneath the moonlight baby
you and i ..
my hippie gypsie baby 
Like the summer of 1969
ocean swimming naked at midnight
and afterwards by the fire
Listening to all the blue waves crashing
Looking up at the sky
Waking up in the sun bleached sand, baby...
Peace and Love in Paradise
Peace and love is Paradise
Youre love is my Paradise
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Other chord progessions are interchangeable.....just improvise.

Tempo is interchangeable....

   Strum pattern would be  d-d-d-u-d.....d-u-u-u-d

Or alternating  with a finger-pick  here and there. 


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It’s Raining for Days!

 Over the houses the clouds hover,


Like the stubborn children with no fear,


At times the clouds look like huge kites,

 Flying like the birds across the skies.


For days it has been raining,

 As if the sky were crying!


Like a baby,


Who is awfully hungry.


Water is acting like Charybdis,

 Towards heaven are raised myriad human wrists!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Charybdis is a sea-monster from Greek mythology.

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When will the Rain Stop?

The other day people for rain did hope,

Now they ask- when will the Rain Stop?

Due to torrential rain,

Flood like the buried ghost appears again.


The lower lands are devoured by water,

The poor hardy have any shelter,

Diseases are making things worse,

The government is endeavouring its best of course.


The Almighty is ever gracious,

As always He shall take care of us.

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In the Rain

I’ll touch your lips passionately,

I’ll embrace you for eternity,

I’ll kiss away all your pain,

In the rain.


I’ll never make you sad,

Like Mephistopheles I’ll do nothing bad,

I’ll come back to you time and again,

  In the rain.


Like breath I will ever be with you as I ascertain,

Holding your satin arms in the rain.

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Romantic Rain!

Fell from the idle sky again,

What I call the ‘romantic rain’,

Awesome has become the weather,

Wishes to be with the beloved each lover.


It feels as cold as ice,

So amazing the feeling is, so nice,

Though the sky looks gloomy,

The condition seems the best to me.


I wish everyday were like today,

As happens in an action replay!

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*I Need You (2)*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I need You 

Like the grass needs the rain

You're the only person that makes me smile

When I'm in pain

One day I hope to walk down the isle


I need you 

Like the trees need the suns heat

You're the only person I want in my heart

I'm so glad God let us finally meet

I knew I loved you from the very start


I need you 

Like we need air

To breathe our every breath to live

For only you I'll always care

My ever lasting love to you I'll forever give


I need you 

Like our eyes need our tears

I promise to try to protect you from harm

And I'll do my hardest to fight your fears 

I'll always make you smile wih my charm


I need you 

Like the stars need the sky

I want to be with you forever

For only you my love I'd die

Promise we'll always be together 


I need you 

Like a child needs her mother 

To always love and protect

For a very long time I pray we only love eachother

You, my everything I could never neglect


I need you

Like we need the world to survive

You are mine for keeps for good

You make my mind body and soul stay alive

Next to you sweety I have always stood


I need you 

Like you need me 

To you I'll always be true

And never again set you free


You mean the world to me 

You are my everything

In my heart with you I'll always forever be

To your happiness and love I'll always forever bring