I have a rage deep in my soul
I can feel it building up
Shaking my insides
Begging for control


I just threw my phone against the wall
Smashed the mirror
Tore everything off the beds
Threw pictures down the hall


No... it's in my head
Keep it in, keep it safe
Don't let everyone know
It's better left unsaid


The tears will release
Making up for the unspoken
I break down, as usual
Hoping for some ease


Oh the pain inside me
Is that what this really is?
I can't handle living 
I can't make them see


The rage in my soul
Is dying for control



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English Class


Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

I hate this class.

I want to kill you.


Shut the fuck up!

Just let me be.

I don't give a shit

about what you're teaching me!


This class is bull-shit!

I hate every minute!

You bore me to death,

why don't you get it?


Every passing minute,

my anger flares!

Why can't you see

that nobody cares?!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So... yeah, this piece was written when I was in english class and I was very fed up with the material and teacher. Thus brought about this rage enduced gem, so enjoy! I do apologize if you are offended by foul language, but I feel that I shouldn't censore how I'm feeling. Anyways, criticism of any kind is welcome and appreciated!

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The Dark Side of The Sun

The Drabble Ditch

I've never been able to pin-point when

soldiers are done and become free men.

There's blood in your eyes and smoke in your heart

and a thought in your mind, that hatred's an art.

As the world goes on by in a tickety boo,

your soul clouds your sight to a cynicle view.

But there's one little secret you already know:

The helpless and heartless put on a good show. 

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A Ripple In Time

The Prompt Pit

Glass underneath her feet doesn't hurt

She's numb
She's a diamond dripping with blood
Pictures are discarded, cracked and she treads on them all.
His babies, his wedding, his memories with friends,
They pop and splinter and she absorbs the pain,
howls with sore laughter
Round and round the cold room,
His eyes are dead, but still he watches her kill his ghost.
With each step, her own mind grins.
Each crack of glass and she's young.
Each advance and she's laughing.
A garden, a holiday, a party
A slap, a scream, and long night.
She shrieks something wild and rips her untamed hair,
She was on fire, her skin peeling black
now she's extinguished in even blacker icy depths.
This ripple in time is curious,
but lasts no more than a minute.
Pretty little girl, now a vicious little lady,
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Failure in a glass

sad but true, shame on you... all has come unglued..

i'm swimming through this ocean, tide pulling me over & under, just to try & make it back, without blunder..

I'd rather dig a thousand pins into my skin, or burn a billion holes onto my back, then hurt you unintentionally..

can't you see, I'd much rather strike myself...

I don't want anyone to be an object of my pain..

so please refrain from stepping any further.. 

you don't know what goes on in my brain...

these chemicals are mine to control.

so stand back while I get a-hold..


ashes to ashes... everything collapses.. piece by piece, coming apart.

nothing ever felt right, from the very fucking start..

sometimes I cannot convey the thoughts in which my mind is stirring up,

or the feelings that cause my heart to silently bleed..

if only I had those wings, I would of flown away long ago..

& saved you from the inevitable hurt..


not being here.

sometimes I wonder if that's the only real dream in which i've truly conceived through out this life time..

nothing special, but it sure seems realistic..

she screamed at me, "it's all just a fantasy!" .. inside I went ballistic..

twisting & turning, face to the floor, squirming..

staring down at the shriveled remains of sanity... 


your eyes expell such melancholy.. do you see the same in me..?

am I just a tree for you to chop down..?

to carve your name in..?

to climb..? to rest up against..?

no longer will I walk along such a thin frail line..

no longer will I stand out of the shadows to be seen...

for these shadows are all that will vaguely cover me..

offering faint protection.. 


sometimes you can't avoid the rejections, the experiences, or the lessons..

when you drink that water, check the bottom to make sure it's clean..

though it may appear transparent & clear..

you could end up swallowing a ton of nails...

choking on how much you've failed..

shame on me, too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 



Luna's Lunatic

Holding hands as we walk between headstones
Feeling like a cyclone trapped in a gemstone
Emotions materialize like amber in the concrete
Personified Hellfire and brimstone, turning birthstones to bloodstones

Laughing like a psycho as she leaves me hallow
So I bestow a craked skull to Apollo
I did it just to watch the sun bleed
Luna delivers the deathblow, as I sit on his throne like a pharaoh

Luna's Lunatic, her faithful fanatic
A simple spell, potent potion I become frantic
Kill the light, slay the day, bleed the holy man
A little lunar lust and I become manic

Fighting sanity as the moon begins to rise
A deathly omen of genecidal demise
Howls fill the night, a nocturnal death knell
Last breath, final wish as I gently close your eyes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First poem posted on this site. I would love to hear how i can make this better. It is in the style of a Rubiyat, enjoy.

Rage in a Cage

Why won't people just leave me alone,
Who would of guessed, who would of known,
The terrible things that they did to me,
Are in the distant past now, and history,
The battlescars I got, while they dragged me through hell,
I carry them proudly, they have a story to tell,
They created a Monster, Hungry for Power,
Needing to Destroy people, to make them Cower,
Why do I have to lash out, try to make them see sense,
Rather than just forgive, my ignorant and lousy parents,
I tried forgiveness, and to just move on,
But I feel a need for revenge, the need is so strong,
Now that I'm older,and have kids of my own,
It has raised questions, that need to be known,
Like why didn't they love me, like I love my Girls,
They are my heart, my everything, the rarest 3 pearls,
The things that are most precious and sacred to me,
I need not for affection from strangers, to flash my Money,
To try and pretend to be something I'm not,
I don't know if they even realise what they have lost,
My respect, and the love from my little tribe,
It feels good to move on, but still, something has died,
For years I reached out, tried to forget what I've had robbed,
Over all of these years, how many tears I have sobbed,
No more, I've had it, I'm moving on without you,
I won't sit here stagnant, miserable, feeling blue,
My waters are flowing, the sky is slowly clearing,
To not have your Dead weight, is such a good feeling,
I can't control this monster anymore, and I don't want to,
You have to let me go, release me from this Zoo,
I've been in the shadows long enough, it's time to take the stage,
I need to unleash this beast, I can longer put my rage in a cage.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written, 27/8/12

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The Escape

The escape is inside you, you have to dig deep.
Be careful when you dig deep, you may find your own defeat.
When you look into your soul you need to learn to let go.
Life is a story to be told and it has many different roads.
Mistakes will be made and sins committed, it may all lead to your dreams being forfeited.
Remember no matter how dark the night gets the sun has not come up yet.
If you want to survive you must fight to stay alive.
The demons are there you just have to be aware.
If you are stuck in a cage and full of rage you’ll never find the escape.
You must open your soul and just let all your pain go.

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I know you can feel it,
My face is blood red,
Of what's to come I'll forget who I am.
You should have never crossed the line,
Respect is golden,
But now your mine.
Your spirit will be crushed with your tattered remains,
Just remember it wasn't me but the monster you made.
A flash,
I won't even remember what happened,
The demon returns while my emotions burn.
I try my best to not let this occur,
But it happens at times you've ruined what's pure.
So a warning is necessary,
Saving you from what may come,
If being humble means nothing to you,
Then the battle has already begun.

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