Love poems

I live with my family and I am happy with my family,
I have a lovely daughter and her family,
She supports me everyday and night
I feel very happy when she is around.

I still feel angry and unhappy at times
I am not sure why I am unhappy at times,
I thought about it day and night
I never got an answer for that.

All my mind filled with various thoughts
Good and bad thoughts,
It is giving me a head ache,
My body is filled with ache.

I am not sure how this thoughts and feelings
comes to my mind with a sort of sad feeling
I like to get rid of this and change it into happy feelings
so that I can regain my happiness and be happy with my family.

Adikaran 17/12/12.

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This loneliness is killing me,
I feel so lonely and depressed,
There is no one to talk and
There is no companion to share,
My happiness or worries.

I have no one to communicate,
I feel so frustrated,
And I am tired of this loneliness
All negativity is creeping in my head
It gives me a headache and
I feel I am getting depressed.

I decided that I need to put an end to it
And move on with my life
I started to communicate with my Lord
And keep him as my companion.

I shared all my worries and happiness with him
And I do not know when I forgot my loneliness
I got very busy doing the voluntary work.

I feel. Now, I have not got enough time
To sit alone at home and worry, or
I do not feel tired of loneliness.

Adikaran 27/11/12.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My own experience.

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Cryptic Scars


Scars slashed too deep to heal
Similar feeling of the thoughts I think of
Distracts my focus than I know it's real

Self-mutilating myself knowing that pain will go away
Turning the knife slitting my skin to spill blood
Forced to cry bearing as emotion break down from the pain

Cryptic cemetary knowing the visiblility I'm wanted
Hanging down my head in loneliness of where I'm meant to be
Hiding myself behind a wall for protection and self-healing
Shedding all emotions relieves me from the World that surrounds me

Quite unexplainable of this feeling, poetically re-worded
All I know is there impacting on me everyday
In deep thought I tremble and go insane if I may
Be the first evil to perish, express my scar
Allow the Gods and the Arch Angels find my place

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Dark time in my life at one time, got a little Suicidal Thoughts too. So I vented onto paper.

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Sick of feeling pain
A heart once alive now is dead
Blacking out from eternal depression
Twisted thoughts corrupt my brain
Darkened path led to insanity
Only dreams turned into nightmares
Seeking once was the truth
Now are lies hidden deep inside?

Long forgotten cemetery of dead cells
Dead personalities used and gone
Sacred tombs of past lives
Shining totems representing a worshipped god
Will I ever be able to turn the hands of time?
An fix the mistakes that I have made
In time, an hour that is mind
In seek for discovery of myself

An to help others in seek of themselves
Give love, loyalty and receive respect
Upon those in need of discovery
Only to numb the pain just a bit

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about Discovery in yourself whether it's Good or Bad.

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Seen within a shadow
A creation of mystery
Shy, calm and quiet
Lurking in the darkness

Creeping around like an animal
Distant and far
Yet near but to close
Only truth can explain it

No lies will tell that story
Being honest, loyal to myself
Strong against myself without emotion or feeling

Am I walking tall?
Or am I standing still?
Stiffness runs through my body
Drawing a blank in my mind

Questions to be answered
Confidence, self-esteem sunk to low
Beneath the gut of my stomach
Betrayed against my will to feel

Confused of what's real
Asking myself the same question
Over and over and over again

Is this sinking into darkness?
Am I complaining or just enjoying it?
The freedom I have is sacred

Entitled to keep my life revolving
Or is this just my imagination?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Myself, and my Life. Always confused with Life whether it's real or fantacy.

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Untold Back Story

Coming Out

How to describe a selfishly eager untold back story
From in the depths of all their greedy eyes of a male
Written oath towards the focus for themselves
Trying to create unworthy plans to make an ending
Of all lives you specifically ruined to hell

Forget the habits for the unfaithful manhood of a human
There only return is to allow another win
And back down your influence just so you lose
However it's triumph is always gone invisible

In it's own realization thing's got to change
For the better it began with nailing down the ego
That caused women everywhere to turn the other way
Losing attraction towards their actual brain
Never made insanity but only logical reasons to stay far away

Ever since the experiments failed on male anatomy
Got different approaches than expectedly
The untold back story converted doors
And walked through the door opened to something brand new

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pretty much an Intelligent way of putting my Coming Out Story!

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Feeling distant, pushed aside
Feeling picked off like a feather on a shoulder
Hurting everyday even more

Unattached, disconnected
Shoved out of the way
Tangled in disappointment

No attention, dominated
Taken for granted
I am used to full advantage

Unappreciated, unloved
No feeling's, no emotions

Lack of caring
I am disappointed
Vicious and apathetic
I am distant

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A girl, felt Distant from the World and from Everything. Poem is written pretty straight forward and to the point.

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In the event of my demise (R.I.P Tupac )

In the event of my demise
I want no tears from your eyes
no long goodbyes
no crys saying "why can't he see another tomorrow"
Don't live your days in sorrow
upon my behalf
Do me a favour and laugh
Just be glad that I lived as long as I did
Look at my smlie and imagine that its the last goodbye you heard from my lip
Pray for my spot in heaven ,I want a part on the Lord's staff
As for my will ,
let it be that it instills
in your mind
via my rhyme
So no need for that cleft heart
I live in your memoires ,and reside this fine art
Keep in mind these words I advise
In the event of my demise

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Altought in actuality our love ones die ,In our memories their still alive . No more tears it good to let it out now dry your eyes. Please use this poem for all whom it apllies .
- The Ember

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The Hearts Game

You see the hearts game is to keep all the aces
This way if your left behind it would
in the their faces
So you were left but got vengance
Gave them death with a sentence
But no paper
The heart says always make sure that
they regret leaving you later
Saver the Pain
Let them know that they were to blame
The hearts can't be tamed
It's uncaged beast
That grows off love but feeds on a blood and hate feast
And it literaly feeds of blood like bat
I Some time hate hearts even thought
The symbol means love
Its conufusing ,the heart without love is vengeance
sorrow and pain
Words cant fully describe the hearts game
It's cool but its lame like it can't move
Or impared like a blind mans sight
Only lovers know of the hearts Plight

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