Yig - The Deadly Snake


Yig went out of my head,

Wasn't I so sad?

In me male and female snake,

O Yig, please don't be awake.


Fastly in the taxi they put me

O let dead not have me!

But dead again I went,

This is what Nyarlathotep meant.


O in anger and wrath I don't want to be,

A female snake in each human you see.

So Tawil took them all out,

And dropped to the floor humans about.


Zombies were left on the Earth

Everything dead, everything burned.

Ghosts, robotic humans by aliens controlled,

This story was never before told...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A vision about the Serpent-God Yig.

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Your Party


I ruined your party,

Your great feast.

You shouldn't have invited me,

It's your own damn fault.


You wanted to fight,

So I put on my boxing gloves.

Until you start complaining,

I am hitting you too hard.


I ruined your party,

But I ain't telling by what.

One thing I know for sure:

You can't deal with me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream I had.

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My Reason For Being Me (Family Tree)

About Me

English speaks my language
Expressing emotions as our mouth speaks
My voice lingers a certain tone

Speaking high
Speaking deep
Speaking low

Walking becomes natural
My personality heralds many heritages
Dating years to many backgrounds
Giving all of us many trees

From my family sadly ignores
I desire too explore part of me

My reason for being me
Skin and blood
Nothing naive

Author's Notes/Comments: 

True to yourself.

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Blind the public from my diversity
By standing by what I believe in
A faith, a pride, a freedom
A respect towards my theories

Balanced between good and evil
Balanced between black and white

Neutral is my center
Grey is my deliverance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Personal Diversity. Creation of oneself.

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ALT (Tapping Distilled Unconsciousness in Search of Something Conventionally Pretty)

In vain I projected mine to yours -

polygonal waves came out to gush,

turning all substantial things to dust

that could've been used to bridge from me

to you.

What rhythms we'd created.

Now, when the land failed to stay, I walked

on the air as it turned to pixels;

fraying and then clumping in patterns

that were so precise, but couldn't be.

In a convulsive sequence they lit

and were so inviting and eager

for an unexpected step that feels


familiar - Resonating.

Eventually they forced me to dance

in order to proceed and survive.

But I didn't mind. A presence came

to accompany me in tandem,

mastering me in grace while never

showing its face.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I deleted a post earlier today with a title nearly identical to this one. The post wasn't worth keeping but the title was.

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Slithering my way across your path
Like an angry black cat
Forcing myself on avoiding the track
To avoid gentle contact
By the brush of their arm
Ahead I speed up the rushing

Too cross the street, wait for traffic
On a red light to walk away
Noticing that you're completely focused
On your annoying digital cell phone

Anti-social but invisible I stand
You realizing would not be coincidence
Considering I rush just to get away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Anti-Social and Avoiding the Public.

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War Zone


War Zone 


The people I met before,

Made war with us.

We had to stay in the loft,

Instead of the basement.


Everywhere were fire-arms,

And I had a child;

Whom I had to protect,

A tiny little baby.


Finally they found us,

A woman approached us;

And with a board in her hands,

She came kicking me.

Against my skull;

I fooled around.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream I had.

Anubis The Forecast


The sand ascended,

A whirlwind close-by.

In the tomb,

Where the dead were lain to rest.


From this storm raised,

The aspect of Anubis;

The god that attends the dead,

To the hereafter...


With robust voice raised,

He let me know:

"Dead you go!"

My destiny written down.


A day thereafter,

In normal life;

I drowned into the lake,

Death had grabbed me tight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream I had.

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Aggressive Warhead


I was at home,

Relaxed and alone.

I lay sleeping,

The darkness was reaping.


Then I heard the sound;

Crushed windows all around.

Everything was destroyed,

Of glass everything devoid.


Then I heard Warhead at my door,

Personification of Balthazor.

The glass broke into shivers,

Splinters were in my flesh delivered.


In spite of my fear,

At Warhead I did appear.

And tried to calm him down,

And he stopped throwing things around.


Everything seemed to be well,

Warhead had changes of mood, I can tell.

And Lays-chips was lying there,

I wouldn't touch it, I declared;

'cause it belonged to Warhead.


Hours later, Warhead came down;

In his anger still drowned.

He wanted his stuff,

But I knew he would bluff.

Always talking about guns,

But the true deed he shuns.

Though I was confused,

His stuff still unused.

Is what Ramses did tell,

And so ended this hell...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream I had.

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