The Poet

No, the poet does not strive to "make 
the reader understand." The reader (that 
intangible abstraction) cannot mold

the poet's path, the poem which, of itself, 
is born upon the page, chasing nothing 
but its own sweet dream. It is I, tangible, 

individual reader, who must rise 
to exigencies the poem dares me 
try and find significant—it is I, 

always I, must climb the heights the poem 
lures me climb, with all due dangers posed, 
all delights unveiled before my eyes,

until finally I have found the path, and made
myself worthy of the poem's infinite beauty 
and deep significance.

It is then the poem will open up its calyx,
give off its fragrance and sweet scent,
to transform our lives with unspeakable,
sublime Wonder.



how i feel
how much i feel
nobody cares
just walk and walk
that much they dare
i exist from the beginning to the end
did anyone ever questioned how i repaired
from the foot, from the truck
that includes you my friend
your kindness and your laws of dignity
i'm just a way
just a path to be followed
at the bottom which filled with hollow
how much i bear
how long i bear
did anyone questioned

I'm just your path
i just give you a direction
of your success
for your life
live with no care
every time repair whenever there is need
with empty hollow and empty shell
from the beginning to the end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

describing road

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Unbeaten Path

I have died so many years ago.
Why am I still here I do not know.
I have been walking this unbeaten path for many years but all I find is despair.
Not only is my path unbeaten but it begins to go up hill.
A man lost in darkness, looking for faith to set him free.
Why is it that God turned his back on me?
Why did you not answer when I asked to be set free.
Now I am left to wander around this land, am I insane or is life just an unfair game?
While the lightning strikes in the distance I hear a voice say.
Son, faith is yours to have you just need to believe each and every day.
I have always been right in front of you, you are the one that turned and walked away.

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To See

Yestderday's News

Angels are always with us,
Communication is a must.

Compassion is a key,
We first must see.

Awareness is the path,
In cutting out all wrath.

Accepting others as ourselves,
Will surely ring the right bell.

To think with intellect,
Keeps us from being a wreck.

Erase the, I from your mind,
Then ego will notice the sign.

By Pamela Murawski

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Free will and free thought as it is given to those who deserve it

The Digital/holographic billboards called out a cold, stern warning,
that echoed out like ripples across a soulless world, creating a tidal wave before
the citizens of this dank, mindless wasteland.
What little piece of free will they had was nothing more than
an allowance of fear programed into their robotic day to day routine,
whatever thoughts they were allowed to have were on
nothing but following the path set for them by the master programmer.

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Once when you were young you went to school

Your good parents thought you were not a fool

From Kindergarten to Harvard maybe

Without a scar entering life‘s society

Empty pockets never held anyone back.

Only empty heads will take up the slack

Speak from the heart people will listen

A loving heart will in wisdom glisten

Blessed hearts bend never break always be fit

But if you can’t put your heart in it get out of it

A woman’s head is always influenced by her heart

But a man's heart is always influenced by his head

Follow your inner heart it helps then the world moves in

And be true to yourself your bosom would be without sin

Knock and ask your heart what it doth know

It’ll beat in the rhythm in music not for show

How much the heart can really hold no one knows

For at any age it has no wrinkles and it never shows

The way to God is through a human heart for a start

For all music is important if it comes from the heart

Remember how happy you were meek and mild

‘cause your heart was pure and simple as a child

Why is peace, grace and contentment come to some

If you’ve inner awareness a grateful heart will come

Look at every path closely and deliberately.

Try it as many times as you think necessary

Ask yourself, this question and yourself alone

"Does this path have a heart or a good tone?”

If it does, then the path is good.

If it doesn't, it’s like rotten wood

They teach how to get results in your exams

Some are honest but some resort to scams

Even the good teachers don’t teach you life sense

Especially if you don’t show any common sense

You are left with nice rainbows in your head

As you watch the boob tube until you’re red

They put the cart before the donkey

And throw you in a murky society

But whenever or before you ever depart

They should’ve tried to educate your heart