A Sacred Vow

A sacred vow of love sworn to you,

by a whisper deeper then thought its self.

Cruesify my very soul, to be yours

for all eternity and beyond.

Gentle rains bring a hint of life

to the gloomy out side world.

It lies just beyond my reach,

out side my window.

Inside I feel no remorse.

Being with you makes everything I've ever dreamed of become real.

And everything I've only heard of in movies, become reality.

I have been cast from hell, and sent to your arms.

Where I know I am safe from all that cannot reach me.

Those who dare to disagree,

are cast into hell and away from your arms.

A sacred vow....

3 delicate words,

I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my ex boyfriend

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In Dignity

"Wear my ring with dignity".

With a smile on my face, I agree.

I cherish thee, til death ales me,

I worship the love I receive.

"Yes, I believe you"

I believe your faith.

The platinum, that placed a smile on my face.

I determine my remaining self,

and hapiness is not rewarded by gold.

But rewared by treasures placed on a shelf,

together always, we grow old.

Hear my heart beat?

It beats only for you,

only the ingenious can testify that it's true.

There is no moral to the story of our love.

Except that angels do really arrive from above.

I kiss you, because I love you,

not to taste reality,

I hold you because I need you,

not just to make you believe.

Yes, I hear what you are saying,

and the truth doesn't make sense.

It's hard to believe what you are saying,

but am I not taking the chance?

Whisper to me that you love me,

not for others to see.

I count every ounce of every hour,

just so I know you're with me.

This experience is new to me,

even though I've been here before.

"De ja vu?" he cried histerically,

no, this experience holds much more.

Hold me because you love me,

not because I am tired and weak.

Assure me that you love me, so that tonight I can finally sleep.

I really do dream about you,

I really do think platnum is neat.

Makin up is the best out of everything,

but not if it's to please me.

"yes, I know you love me"

My doubtfulness, I subside.

Tomorrow I will love you again,

Yesterday I cried.

I take your ring out of dignity,

witha silver lining cloud..

A shadow of doubt will never disturb me again,

I scream to the world aloud.

That I will always love you,

platnim doesn't mean a thing.

This is not the way you have to prove your love to me...

but in dignity, I take the ring.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Platnum: Is better then Gold. This is not from my point of view, as I have never recieved any ring.

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Grow Old With Me

Grow old with me, gain weight.

Let the wrinkles crown our face.

Let time be our best friend.

Lie next to me in bed.

Let all the letters fade.

Lie in the bed we made.

May all the world be known to our fate.

Grow old with me, gain weight.

Tell it to me straight,

how much you love me so,

what direction we should go.

Let our love extend.

Let our hair grow gray at ends.

May all the world be known to our fate.

Grow old with me, be brave.

All the world will know.

Time becomes our fate.

Lie next to each others grave.

Do not predict my death,

my sweet, and aging flesh.

Grow old with me my love,

and we shall join above.

Death shall not due us part.

I take you to my heart.

Grow old with me,

and let us never part.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about my ex boyfriend. but can be about anyone who wants to be in love with one person forever

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First Valentine

I am your temptress. Your Godess, and your guiding light.

I promise if you continue to love me, I will fulfill your life.

I cherish you more then time could ever tell.

I feel every delicate touch.

Sometimes, I cannot show it, but I love you so much.

Even when I'm not smiling, you always make me laugh.

Because of you, I am glowing.

I cannot make it any more clearer then that.

I am your friend, a lifetime partner, with so much more then trust.

A bond could never be any stronger, then the bond that started "us".

At first I was afraid, but now I am your soul.

The first time I ever saw you, I knew you were made of gold.

And I always cherish the riches, that God put here on earth.

The richest thing God ever done, was put you on this earth.

It feels like a million dollars to know that you are mine.

But I would cash it all in if I had to.

If I never knew you, I would die.

It had to have been fate, my destination led to you.

you must of been watching me while I slept,

because you made all my dreams come true.

forgive me, for I am not worthy of you,

But I will try my best.

Some one was watching over me and put me to the test.

I am your angle, and you are my wings.

I am your soulmate, and you are my everything.

I am your temptress, your Godess, and your guiding light.

I love you with each step I take.

Closer to you. My Valentine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love this poem. Its about my ex.

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Eternal Flames Of Love

Like a flame our love burns on,

It waves, flickers, and licks away till dawn,

We have icy flames, and searing flames,

The heat radiates colorful rays,

I can feel our love when we touch,

Your touch is scorching, melting, and lush,

If your love will always be true,

Your flame will burn me through and through,

Our flame puts off a sweet smelling smoke,

As sweet as our love for each other,

This is not like your love for your brother,

Our flame will never disperse or fade away,

The flame will continue to play all day,

This is true love, and it will always stay,

Love is eternal, infinite, like a flame,

Our love ignites and our lust climbs higher,

You are the flint and I am the fire,

Our love will grow even after death,

It will grow stronger with every breath,

Is this an eternal flame of desire?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First draft done between 16 & 18.  Recently redone.

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Touched upon my cheek, his fingers soft like silk

His tender lips against my neck, my skin as pale as milk

Pulled against his body, his warmth embraces me

I feel his heart beat gently, to go further I quietly plea

He whispers out my name, and softly strokes my hair

I delicately kiss his beautiful lips, feeling the love we share

Leading me to the bedroom, he holds me close and tight

And once therein, we gracefully, make heavenly love all night

The morning comes with silence, the sun plays upon his face

Cuddled close against him, my finger along his lips I trace

His beauty radiates like moonlight, soft against our sheets

The poetic charm of his gentle breath, nothing in the world competes

He opened up his eyes, and looked deeply into mine

His every touch upon my flesh, more intoxicating than wine

Smiling I then hugged him, and knew he was the one

He smiled in return and held me, making my blood as hot as the sun...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

;-; if only...

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Here are Your Roses

Ugonna Wachuku   


I am back to you again.
I am here once again to
let you know my thoughts:


On moonlit roads to home
and yesterday, you walk
to the beat of my heart.
And I too walk to the
beat of your humane


On lush landscapes of new
love and hopeful life, you
plant rainbow colours on
clouds of my being.


Tomorrow, when soaring
eagles meet us on the
mountain top, you shall
lovingly ask me:


"Where are my roses?";
and I will gladly say:
Here are your roses,


Here are your roses 

~ Critiques/Comments ~    


Valerie Jochum

Ugonna, you have such a unique way of writing.  Your expression will lead anyone who reads it to believe, it was written just for them.  So lovely!  


Renee' Quinn

such wonderfully colorful words....  my favorite line would have to be...  clouds of my being.....  that is a fantastic line.....  


Farah D

I had to read this after your comments re- my poem and the link you left! and I am stunned! this poem is the "other side" of mine! beautifully and expressively written!! Thank you so much for the link you left! or I might have never discovered this wonderful piece of writing!  


Teresa jacobs

I love the line, "On moonlit roads to home and yesterday, you walk to the beat of my heart", ahhh, so romantic. Once again you have managed to gather my feelings and captivate them with your wonderful style of writing. I am so intriuged by your words and savor eveything about them. The stories they reveal give meaning to life and the essence of your soul. Thank you for sharing. 


Deborah Russell

There is great human compassion expressed here. Anyone could be "beautiful one" and that leaves me to visualize this window to world of love in purist concept. Great writing. 


Myra Lochner

Ugonna, Giver of Roses ...  Here is a rose for you too:  HAIKU  fragrance of the soul painted in purple and pink stemmed on Life's green  Myra Sun  


Rosemary Basil

Ugonna, your poems are pure light words dancing in a dark world. Thank you for sharing and for signing at my site!  


2002-03-06 21:13:59


Misty Lackey

here are your roses beautiful one, what more would any woman want to hear but these words from a guy. wow, you sure have words to melt a heart and send it into passion. 

2002-04-23 16:29:48



dear uggona  

beautiful words as always 

2002-05-11 07:47:16


Judy Costea




You make the reader feel as though they are the one in the poem. I love the way you bring my heart and mind into your poetry, as though i could be on this path and journey enjoying life and love with you. You have such a beautiful way of expressing all that is around you and making me see it all so colorful and close to the heart. 

You are truly a man of many talents. 

Thank you for giving your beautiful gift of poetry to us all.   



2003-01-24 09:59:41


Lesa Gay 


Thank you for the roses Ugonna! 


As many that have already commentd on this, I too agree that your work always draws me

into it as if you were writing directly to my soul. It is always such a pleasure to visit your site.

I am sorry the hour is so late or I would stay longer. 


I will be back soon to read more of the person that is you. 


My love, 


2003-02-04 03:33:22 


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