Ink in my veins


A passion flowing out with ink

Upon the sheet below

My thoughts, my dreams

My endless hopes

My smiles and my sorrow

How can one measure this

These written words of woe

Captured images put down in blood

From hands that write away

Words and paragraphs

Formed into beauty

Of what the soul dares to betray

All of these letters from the heart

With tears can be washed away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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Breathing Life into them

How do we cope when the clapping goes to a whisper?

I gave them my all, now I am left all alone

They were carried by my presence, every brother every sister

Now their adoration is a fading to a distant tone

It took so much of all that I had to breathe life into their air

Could they have saved a few breaths to give back to me?

They never thought of what happens. They seemed to not care.

They were gone. My emptiness they did not see

The life, the spirit of life sees them dance to them self

They continue to flow and prosper and undertake

All that we all need to consume life’s wealth

Dance with me for yours and my sake

We all know how to take, few know how to give

But it takes effort to learn and understand

That the one, me, needs you to help me live

You can choose whether you see my outstretched hand

”Hey, take me with you” to the next one who breathes

I would like to be the receiver in this game

But I know your answer, you are almost like thieves

There is no love or warmth in small fame

So, I will continue to give because that is just me

And maybe someone will see me, I hope

For the day will come when I will stop breathing life into them

Then we will see how they cope!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Enough said!!

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Why does it have to end this way

Why did I say

what I said

I wish I could take it back

now all i have is regret

You don't understand

how much it hurts inside

I know you've been through alot

for a short time you've lived your life

It was a small mistake

I didn't know you would take is so bad

I was only playin

but you didn't get the joke I had

and why can't you forgive

why can you let this little thing

tear us apart

you're a brother to me

you'll always stay in my heart

I love you with all of my heart

you are family to me

I don't know if you realize it

but you have a part of me in you

and if you go

a part of me will too


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Everyday when I think of you

I have loving thoughts of you

We try to understand you

But for sure you make it hard.

I just don't understand at all

Why are you acting so bad

To us it doesn't make sense

Why you persist in doing wrong.

There are so many things

You refuse to really see

Rejecting what's so right

For others and for us to see.

You are completely blind

That's very plain, for all of us here,

You want to ruin your life

And we're suppose to watch and sit.

Listen Honey, you're whole attitude sucks,

I can't even talk to you

When you're in that narrow frame of


You're being completely hard-headed

Sometimes I can't even believe

What you've had done,

The only thing I can do now

It's to love you and pray for the baby and you!

Dorian Petersen Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


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My heart is breaking so bad

in many pieces I do know

somebody I love so much

it's tearing my world in two.

I do love her so

but she doesn't seem to care

that girl of mine, has it all wrong

she's going in a bad journey, I just know.

We try to help her countless times,

my patience in time has ran out,

I am so tired and completely drained

to the very bottom of my soul.

I've done my best as a mom,

all the best that I knew how;

to bring her all the best

since that day,that she was born.

She was the sweetest little girl, once,

now I can't reach her anymore

now she thinks she's so grown-up and

that she knows it all, but she doesn't!

We don't know what to do with her

to make her really understand

we only want what's best for her

even now more than she's an adult.

Dorian Petersen Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


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Child of mine, I don't know you


for a long time, you seem to hate me so

for just being plainly and simple,your mom.

Child of mine, what am I going to do with you?

don't you know by now, that I will never understand,

why in the world, you're hurting yourself that way,

and others, that care for you so much.

Child of mine, I just need you to know

that I love you no matter what,

even if, I don't like you anymore

most of the time.

You want to live your life,granted

have it all your own way,

but my love for you is unconditional

I will always love you so.

even the way you are and

even if, we never get along in life.

Dorian Petersen Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


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Harsh winds howl again,

Not from the moumtain tops,

Or from the sandy shore,

But where there's abundant pain.

My life is not what it seems,

Happiness has become just a dream,

Sometimes it flashed like whiteness,

After a series of lightning scenes.

I long for love but it eludes me,

My own "rib-flesh" makes fun of me,

My Creator who wrote my destiny,

Keeps me awake with night and He.

I may live, or so it seems,

For my loving children's dreams,

For their future happiness,

Without a shoulder on which to lean.

One day, perhaps, my progeny,

Will take time to understand me,

What I was and what I looked,

Might unravel the mystery.

Till then let the blue dawn come,

Let the Muezzin's voice disturb eardrums,

Let days and nights solve their plan,

Without rest how far tired feet ran...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on July 25, 2002.

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THE MAN IN MY LIFE (Collaboration with my ex-wife Sabiha/Madeeha)

A collaboration with (Sabiha) Madeeha Naveed Ahmed.

Madeeha begins poem and Naveed responds:


The man, who came into my life:

Who became my life-partner,

By tying the wedlock.

He thinks by doing so,

He has conquered my thoughts,

And that my world,

Should revolve only around him.

I thought that in our life,

Trust and understanding were main ingredients,

I accepted his vows silently.

As life passed and as we grew wiser,

In our years together, the truth,

Remained a secret -- he admired pretty women,

Who were strangers -- openly,

All of which was made known to me.

I became more stern and gave open statements,

Like this: I too admired handsome men,

At which all the grumble began,

However, after all this, we learnt,

We won't betray one another.


O, woman in my life!

"Made from my rib", you say,

Possessing inimitable charm,

And a willful art of breaking the heart.

O woman in my life!

The years have come and gone,

Two sons and a daughter born,

Where has my peace of mind gone?

O woman in my life!

You say that you are my wife,

Have you found what this means?

Have your desires matched my dreams?

O woman in my life!

How much more have we to live,

Isn't love to give and receive,

Or is this something only I believe?

It is not outward beauty that turns,

The heart of the man in your life,

And melts it into loving you.

No, it is not so at all...

It is something deeper, much deeper,

On which this aging life mill churns.

All these years? How many days?

And how many loveless nights?

How many dusk-to-dawn fights?

Did I leave you for other ways?

All these years! I am still alone,

Misunderstood, ridiculed, like a stone,

Like a doormat, brushed aside,

And if you can have your ways,

All this manipulation of my self,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed in the pre-dawn hours of July 24, 2002.

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My Mask


Everyone thinks they know me,

Well everyone is wrong.

On the outside I may be hard and tough,

But inside I'm not so strong.

No one has ever seen the real me,

No one has ever asked.

They all think what they see is real,

When it's only just a mask.

I hide behind a cover of happiness,

I smile over the tears.

I can't let anyone see my truth,

No one can know my fears.

It may look like everything is fine,

It may look like it's ok.

Nobody's ever seen my sadness,

And they never will I pray.

I never wore this mask before,

I never had to hide.

But when my world got tough, I put it on,

And kept everything inside.

My mask has made things easier,

It helps me hide the pain.

But maybe when my spirits strong,

I'll take it off again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written a year
or two after a pretty hard
time in my life. It deals with
bullying, which I, luckily,
only endured for one year.

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