Si fuera posible

Perdoname que ya no puedo/aunque te voy extranar

Ya no quiero/no es posible seguir a este juego

Es deficil para mi/verte sufrir asi

Prefiero yo morir/porque nuestro amor no es posible..

Me duele mas cada dia/cada vez que miro en tus ojos

Cuando te vayas de mi lado/siempre llevas mi alegria

Yo no puedo vivir asi/yo prefiero solo morir

Si no puedo/tu amor conseguir…

Si fuera posible/tener tu amor

Si que nada nos se-pa-ra

Ni el mundo cuando se acaba

Seria la vida color de rosa..

Si fuera posible/daria toda mi vida

Por un momento/a tu lado

Besandote en tus tiernos labios

Si fuera posible….

Escuchame, porque seran mis ultimas palabras

Que la vida sin ti/no es nada

Sin tus besos/todo se acaba

Tus abrazos siempre me harian falta

Los momentos silenciosos/perdido en tus ojos

Tomandote de la mano/escribiendote poecias y cartas

Se que me vas hacer mucha falta….

No te vayas/aunque te dije que te fueras

Mejor me voy/aunque mi corazon ya no palpita mas

Y mis lagrimas crearia otra mar mas

Mi alma se muere porque nuestro amor termino

El dolor me llena completamente porque todo fue un engano

despiertame no quiero sonar mas, abrazame otro dia mas

Si fuera posible..

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i dropped a star,








at his hands

in my whispered breath

the full moon bleeds


in dark-grey clouds,


with me.

i seldom find

a broken hope repaired


my star


s h a t t e r e d

at his feet.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wouldn't want to be in a situation like this.

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عالم عباس محمد نور : يوم أهلت سيدة اللوعة

يوم أهلت سيدة اللوعة


سيدة الحسن القهار

وسيدة الروعة  

عفوا ان دنستُ جلال حضورك

بالكلمات التقليديه

باللفظ الأخاذ الجرس

وبالآهات المكتومة

وبكل التنميق وبالقول المنظوم

وغير المنظوم

عفوا من هاتيك الوعة


ها أنذا ما بقيت عندى غير الكلمات

ويا خسرانى لو القاك وليست

بين يدى سوى الكلمات


البارحة الأشواق تمطت

حتى ضاقت عنها جدران القلب

روعتْ قليلا

اذ كنت وحيدا أشهق فى فجوات الليل

وخفت نواك

سألت هواك

دعوات الله سـرارا وجهـارا

حتى أنّ الصدر وضاق

ويا ربـاهـ

هذا حب موت ، موت حب’’

ونذرتُ أصلى  حتى يتبين خيط الليل

وخيط الفجر

قدّمت النذر

فناء الذات ، وذوبان الروح بذات المحبوب

وكان الله رحيماً و حفياً بى

فدعائى كان من الاعمـاق

وكان الصدق يرنٌّ على كلماتى

مثل نواقيس القداس على بِيَعٍ الرهبان

ما بين مسـامير السهد المغروسة فى جفنىٍّ

وبين الارق التام

كان كما لا يشبه كل الحلام


انسل شعاع هب رقيقا مضطربا

وحييا كان

وانساب الى منتصف الحجرة،

ثم توقف هوناً ما

كنت كما المحموم  المتقلب هوناً ما

وكان الوسن رقيقا

يتكدس مثل كرات الثلج الناعم فى الأجفان

لا أجزم بالأيقاظ ولكن قطعاً

ما كنت النائم ساعتها

او ان شئت الدقة ، كالوسنان

واذا بالصوت الملكوتى الرقراق يرنّ

كموسيقى الجنه

نفس الصوت الهزّ الوتر العاشر

بعد الألف باعماقى

نفس الصوت الريان

صوت بلورىُّ يسرى فى الشريان

ليرقرقه فتشع الفرحة كالأنهار

على صدر الخلجان

كان وكان وكان...

يالله وياللروعة!


وأفقتُ، صحوتُ،سموتُ،

أهذى أنت؟ أهذى أنت؟

أهذا طيفك - ياللوعة

وهذا صوتك ، يالله!

كان كما يشبه واد من أحلام



Author's Notes/Comments: 

مولود بمدينة الفاشر  عام 1948م

* تخرج من جامعة أم درمان الأسلامية 1972م

* نال جائزة الشعر الأولى للشعراء للشباب عام 1973م

* نال وسام الدولة للاداب والفنون فبراير 1979م

* له اسهامات متعددة فى النشاط الثقافى والأدبى بالصحف والمجلات

نشر له

* ايقاعات الزمن الجامح

* ماريا وامبوى

* اشجار الأسئلة الكبرى

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Too Many Emotions


I love you. I hate you. Not sure just where to rate you.

I care too much. Maybe there too much.

I want to run away but then I need your touch.

Is what I'm feeling a crime?

Or too many emotions to handle at one time.

I'm confused. Feel abused. Did I win or did I lose?

Want to see you now. Want you gone right now.

I want to hold you in my arms and show you how

to feel the riches when you don't have a dime.

Too many emotions to handle at one time.

It's the beginning. It's the end. Is it broken? Will it mend?

Why'd things go so bad? Want you back so bad.

Could be happy, could be angry, but I just feel sad.

In the silence, I hear a bell chime.

Too many emotions to handle at one time.

It's painful. It's chilling. It's me this is killing.

I'll lend a hand, I'll take your hand.

I hope you really know how much I understand.

But you need to give me a sign.

Too many emotions to handle at one time.

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I Broke My Arm, You Broke My Heart


I broke my arm, you broke my heart.

Can you guess which one hurts more?

My heart feels like it's in a million pieces.    

My arm just feels a bit sore.

You can't put a cast over my heart

to try to help my poor heart heal.

If you said you'd stay with me if I broke the other arm

I'd think that was a pretty good deal.

I broke my arm, you broke my heart.  

Now I'm suffering two kinds of pain.

Wondering if any of the hurt will go away  

and if my love was really in vain.

Everyone can see that my arm is broken,

But no one can see my heart.

If you were to take an X-ray right now

you'd see how it was all torn apart.  

Maybe I can forget how much I love you

when the pain medication kicks in.

But I'll just sit here staring into space,

thinking about you until then.

I broke my arm, you broke my heart.

You'd think this would make me more tough.

I want to be with you and love you right now

because I think that I've suffered enough.

I'll guess I'll be hurting for quite some time.

It's seems that I wasn't too smart.

Because in just one day I had two tragedies,

I broke my arm, you broke my heart.

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~I'll Miss You So~

It's for us so sad

That so soon you've had to go

And how and the way you did

Still so young and so full of life, although

I know that no more we should cry

For where your soul had now fled

You wouldn't want us to be so sad

And to feel at all depressed.

Life as we know isn't fair

Life we know doesn't last forever

And sometimes it cuts way too short

And plays us instead a very bad hand

It's for us so sad

That you've left us so soon

I'll always miss you so

And we'll remember you every morning and afternoon.

Dorian Petersen Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


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A Different Kind of Tears

closet boxes 2002

I will not cry for you tears of pain

black jewels of hidden sorrow

lying weary in the dark

in the image of a blacker tomorrow.

I will not cry for you tears of spite

anger in the shade of these flames

that lie in the hearth and whisper the words

I would scream as I do curse your name.

I will not cry for you tears of envy

and let the darkness reflect in my soul

the bitterness seen in my ice frosted deeds

as I feel my heart swiftly grow old.

I will not cry for you tears of desire

red much like my jewel coloured lips

thoughts of love swept with the sand

can't be confined with my own fingertips.

I will cry for you a different kind of tears

the ones that I feel of regret

for the others not cried in persuit of the things

that we all see you can not take yet.

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For My Best Friend

Sometimes when I'm too depressed

Or drowning in self-doubt,

I know that I can call your name

And you will pull me out.

You taught me

That I'm worth much more

Than what I'd always thought.

You gave me strenght

And confidence

That so long I had sought.

You showed me that I'm beautiful

Both outside and inside.

You proved that I'm not second best

Tim and Time again.

One day I will return to you

All you've given me.

I don't know in what time or from,

But I promise soon you'll see.

For richer, for poorer,

In sickness, In health,

Through all of the thick and thin,

I trust I can always count on you

And I am proud to call you a friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dedication to Laura K. Smithers and Mrs. Gurley who died of cancer last year. Mrs. Gurley wrote this poem and gave it to me. We will all miss you and Laura too

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Don't Hurt Me

closet boxes 2002

I hope you'll remember me

while I wait here for you

can you tell me

promise that's what you'll do.

Can't be your jestor

only your heart

but thats never been

the easy part.

I will have to trust you

what else can I do

just please don't hurt me

or the love saved for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't reallt know where this came from

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