What I Saw On TV

Sept. 11

Around 7 A.M.,

I was coming home,

from a hard night,

of days work.

My mother,

was going to work,

my brother & sister,

were going to school,

and as for me,

I stayed home alone.

I bid them farewell,

to return home safe,

then I turned on,

the TV around 8 A.M.,

not expecting,

terror appeared,

in our nation.

In letters,

which I could not,

believe to see,

"Attack On America",

which was on,

the TV screen,

where in NY,

a hijacked plane,

hit one WTC tower.

Panicked I ran,

to the phone,

calling those,

whom I knew,

in Manhattan,

where crash,

was sighted.

The phone rang,

and rang...,

went dead,

worried my heart,

to death,

watching the TV,

with careful eyes.

A second plane,

hit the other,

WTC tower,

then the Pentagon,

was hit by,

a third plane,

soon after Pittsburgh,

was a crash landing.

I couldn’t believe,

what I was hearing,

about our nation,

was being attacked,

in ways I thought,

were impossible,

to believe,

worst of all,

I could not believe,

what I saw on TV.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'The Terrorist Attack On America'.

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Hurting With Every Word Said

I wish you would,

just understand,

how much your mind,

had meant to me,

I can stand,

up once again.

Now I hear you say,

these ugly words which stay;

imprinted in my heart,

now I wish I could part,

away from you,

from the very start.

Why must you hurt me?

Why must you say these things?

Why can't you understand?

You are hurting me,

with every word said.

I don't want to say nor feel,

but if this goes on,

I will just peel away,

never be able to go on.

Please stop,

saying these words,

for I am true to you,

hope to never hurt you.

With my love I express,

how deeply I'm upset,

at these words,

that hurt me so true.

I'm sorry for hurting you,

hope you forgive me.

I love you in my heart,

please stop saying these things,

or I will have to part.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Certain Guys Who Have Hurt Me In The Past'.

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Radiant,and beautiful she stood, so tall

Watching the crowd down below,

Feeling herself dyin' more inside

And growing smaller, more and more.

Wanting just to flee right out of sight.

Well she's done it, and now she's sealed

With her vows all her fate.

Too weak and afraid to stop it all

When she knew it and still went along with their lies.

And now she had to live with her regrets

And pay one day a very high price, for her mistake.

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But I gotta have salvation

Sitting at the cross roads

Not knowing which road to take

The T junction of lust

Follow it up with ignorant altruism

Backing down that beaten path called trust

My eyes take a holiday from my soul

Abstract images fill my broken mind

Twisted absolution calls to me

Lack-lustre I beat that path to my heart

History breaks me down

The sins of the fathers revisited

Slumped images in frosty corners of my mind

I look through your eyes and see a shattered lens

I see me but in a thousand parts

Am I not interesting enough whole?

Ideally the jigsaw me

Ignites your soul

To smash my spirit your ultimate goal.

But I gotta have salvation

Visions of beautiful monsters grin at me

The ugly offer me, my safety net of superiority.

I just wanna beat this track

Tip, top, toe thigh high boots chaft my knees

Mediocre mentalities try to keep my interest

I just wanna break history

Smash it on the floor. Each piece rearranged to make a better life.

Tip, top, toe thigh high boots chaft my knees

From kneeling and praying to anyone

who'll take my history from me.

But I gotta have salvation

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To Tyler: (Part II)


I am sorry for the pain I have caused.

Why I did it,

I do not know.

When I did it,

I do not know.

But a birdie told me I had treated you bad.

And for that,

I am deeply sorry.

I never meant to hurt you.

I never meant to bring you harm.

I never meant to make you cry.

I never meant it.

I truly didn't.

I love you so much,

I really never meant for this to happen.

I am sorry for hurting you...

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There is no title

I was never out to hurt anyone. I tried to be the one that actually cared. Now after my trust, my pride, and my heart have been broken; I feel like doing something very few people dare. My life seems meaningless in the timeline of the earth. I'm just another strange black kid who can't handle being hurt. And in my stupdity I write poems that rhyme but it's a way for me to say.

I'm hurt for all time

Author's Notes/Comments: 

every time you drop the bomb, you kill the god your child has born.
-System of a down
(Taken from "steal this cd" track #4)

But the poem is original bitch.

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two world collision

between two worlds, it only crumbles into nothing

you shall serve your role as that of the victim

one is dead without the other, pushed into the ground

bound to the routine, enslaved to your own freedom

there is no love between these walls, nothing at all

love is hate, there’s always so much love for those you hate

its seems someone always creates a mess for someone else

and you’re always destined to take the fall, call it fate

someone’s got to stand in the middle of this battlefield

the enemies are changing, but one side remains the same

knife in the back one too many times, starting not to feel

and still you bring the hammer down, they all look the same from here

cut them short, before they make the same mistakes

silence their mouths, so they can’t break the same promises

always watching your back, and waiting for that knife

that you’ve lost all your perception, on how to live your life

(you’re so careful, that you’re not alive anymore)

it’s not the same, not everyone will betray you

but they all take the blame, because you know you couldn’t bare to

nothing ever lasts, so what reason left should this one?

so you bury yourself, not knowing someone would dig you out

one world always consumes the other

whether truth or lie, it’s bound to fall on deaf ears

the other can hide from the end, but it’ll never see it coming

and then the cycle starts over once again, and forever

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Love is loss that doesn’t know

That it will lead to pain

That doesn’t see that meaning

Behind the thorns and the rose

That theirs lots of pricks

Despite the scent of Gravity

Or sometimes Polo

Or that eventually it’s just to much

Too take.

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Surely my great distaste for

you leaves a strong want to

spit you out into your face

but I refrain

I don't want to give anymore

of myself to your unwanting


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