Made to be Broken

I can't stop shaking; my world is caving in

These tears are pouring; I'm not so thick skinned.

I think I'm going crazy; I can't find my own voice

I feel as though I've been given a life with no choice.

I want to die; but honestly, I can't

But I feel I have absolutely nothing left

If God is really there; why can't he help me?

I'm dying slowly; and I'm giving up to easily.

Everyday is a struggle; only one usually survives

But nobody understands why I've been through in life.

You think you've got it bad; go fuck yourself, you shit

You don't know pain and anguish to the slightest bit.

I give up. I have nothing to give a fuck about

And I pray one day karma will finally turn around.

So I can watch every single one of these fuckers bleed

Just like the life I used to fucking have within me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(November 25, 2007.)

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Heart Pain

You think of her on a lonely night

For the next week your heart is full of freight

You wonder why she is in your head

The thought of her is supposed to be dead

Your heart starts to cry

You start wondering why

She made the hit so sharp

And it hits directly into your heart

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Tears runneth through my face ,  unexpectedly

Having a very painful phrase to someone I care

Knowing that he was the one I longing for

The one who never turn me down 

With his loveable role 

Everything imparted me  above all faith


Considering every swear he transmitted
all meant for me

Heartrending and gladness  he portrayed

Without hesitation, full of trust and love

the basic great foundation

To accept each one's condition


With all the lies  and pain inside.


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Dance with the wind

Feel the beat within

Imprison steps unclear

Break the rule without fear

Startling tone wounded in

Undesirable  and fatal mean

Gloomy sensation and split compassion

Tears of sadness and hurt felt within

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Doing Myself In

The Dark Side

Weakness and defeat sure take their toll.

I find that lately,

the prospect of living -on,

holds nothing but more misery for me.

I lie there, thinking too much, too deeply,

in agonies, too powerful to even describe-

and find myself with tear-blurred eyes,

asking God to "please, please, please bring me home."

I then think such wicked thoughts,

of doing the deed myself-

something I've always said, I'd never do.

And yet-it holds an evil allure of make-believe peace.

Plans actually form in my mind-

the, 'when, where and how'-

though the 'how' would be too easy,

considering the amount of drugs at my disposal.

I imagine the grief of those I'd leave-

see the faces of my husband, my children,

my grandchild and the one in the making, I've yet to meet,

and I can't help but think, they'd all be better off, without me.

I'm a cumbersome burdon, who becomes more-so,

a burdon, with each passing and life-draining day.

I'm a financial burdon, who drains our already-thinned pockets,

with medical bills and pills that don't help anyways.

I'm an emotional burdon, who's cries go unheard,

by ears that are either deaf to the plight of others,

or are just too tired of hearing about the plights of me,

or...really...they just don't care one way or the other.

I'm apt to believe much more, the latter-

for their actions...or should I say, 'non-actions'

speak louder than any comforting voice could.

I hear clearly, the most, what they don't say...or do.

So, I'm led back to the thoughts once again.

The wicked thoughts of 'doing myself in',

and finally ending, not only the unrelenting physical pains,

but even more-so, the agonizing, heart-breaking, emotional ones.

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Pain revised

My Poems


its all around us

we can't fight it anymore

we can't overlook it anymore

what are we suposed to do?

be born, live then die

what a sad story

how it ends

we need to try and fight it

fight the pain

get away from the pain

will it end

i want to die

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I need you


why do I have to hide my tears

burying them away all these years

why do I have to keep my pain inside

and fake a smile while the pain I hide

everyone else can let their pain out

scream until they feel better and shout

I always listen to every hurting person who comes to me

while I just tuck my hurt away so no one can see


doesn't anyone care that I am hurting

dying inside, my soul is burning

doesn't anyone see the pain in my eyes

why are they so caught up in my lies

I plastered a smile on my face today

doesn't anyone notice that I'm not okay

why do I have to bury my heart in the sand

so that no one knows who I really am

why do I deny to others that I am broken

ad crying so many tears that I am choking

everyone else gives their hurt away like candy

and let it all out, they express themselves so freely

do I always have to stay silent through the storm

curling up into a ball to keep myself warm


I have tried to fix my heart with glue

but then I realized that I need you

I need you

cause you can see when I am hurting

you can see my soul as it's burning

you look at me and see the pain in my eyes

you were never fooled by any of my lies

you watched me plaster this smile on my face

and then you reached out and saved me with your grace

you took me and made me brand new

you are my cure and my hope, I need you

I need you like air I breathe

I need you, you're all I need

I need you like desserts need rain

I need you, only you can heal my pain

I need you like plants need the sun

I need you, you are the holy one

I need you Jesus

I need you Jesus

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Forever Home

Here I sit inside this cage, and I've done nothing wrong,

All I want is a forever home; I've waited far too long.

I'm very sweet and lots of fun; I promise to make you smile,

Please take me home and let the shelter put my card in the 'adopted' file.

I remember a nice, warm home with lots of food to eat,

Sleeping on the sofa curled around my owner's feet.

Then one day I was in a box and placed inside the car,

We went for a drive, but it seemed unusually far.

My owner carried me to the door and rubbed my fluffy ears,

And when they drove away from me, I could see their flowing tears.

So, now I'm here, and not sure why; what could I have done,

I had someone to love me once and now I have no one.

Please look at me and see the need in my big, bright eyes,

I need you to save my life, I know you hear my cries.

I might be older, and not purebred, but I'll love you to the bone,

Just give me a chance by giving me a final forever home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this when I volunteered at our local animal shelter and saw how it really is....nothing sadder...

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Beauty Wasted, Beauty Lost, Meaningless!


Cold winter sunshine, failing to warm me,

Falls, filled with shadows, mottled on the stone.

Filtered by branches, oaken, half bare.

Gold evening sunshine, golden the leaf fall,

Autumnal splendour, the season I love.

Glass clear, the air, distant a crow's call.

Bright squirrels dance on the carpet of mast.

Beauty wasted, beauty lost, meaningless!

Two figures huddle at the graveside.

The new stone, basalt, hewn by nature,

Is our whole world, for an hour or so.

The carving of a door with a flight of steps,

The symbol suggestive of a life beyond.

A name and dates, too close together.

This is all we are left of a young life.

Beauty wasted, beauty lost, meaningless!

Bitter, the cold drives us from the graveyard,

In the failing light. To the east high cloud,

Bearing the first snows, crisp, pristine, blue-white.

Covering the land in a silent mantle,

A foot deep, in the long October night.

Children awaken and scream with delight,

Grab gloves and sledges, the first snowball flies.

Beauty wasted, beauty lost, meaningless!

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