pain sorrow love

Eyes of Hurt

A girl, so broken, so damaged.
She looks deep into your eyes.
While her own scream for help.
She needs someone to show her she’s wanted.
To tell her she’s needed and belongs.
Her heart, it’s constantly bleeding.
No one sees the pain she hides.
Each day it grows, crushing her to the ground.
She’s just another victim of this cruel sick world.
She needs you to save her, since no one else will.
Everyone leaves and no one cares.
Alone at night she cries and trembles.
She just wants the sun to shine again.
She wants the sun to dry up all this hurt,
And carry it far up and away to the clouds.
Take some tape and fix her heart,
It’s so broken, the cost she paid for caring.
Everything is nightmare, a living hell.

She looks deep into your eyes,
While her own scream for help,
See those tears? They burn like fire.

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